Weirdpress 3

I love that WordPress has a SAVE option. Don’t have time to read people’s posts when they’re fresh out of the publisher? You can save them, and read them weeks or months later, or on your 100th birthday. Awesome for sloppy time managers, like me. 

Some bloggers come out with more posts than I can consistently keep up with, but that’s OK. I can catch up on the latest news about what book they just finished reading, what’s going on with the politics in their country, and what their dog coughed up at 5:00 A M, any old time. Thanks to the SAVE option. 

Some people’s posts are just soooooooooo lllllooooonnnnnggggg, and I’m either too anxious to get going on catching up with other bloggers that I’m falling behind with, who have shorter posts, and reading a lllllooooonnnnnggggg post would set me back even further. Or it’s close to my old fart bedtime, and my brain is on low power mode, which reduces my attention span to that of a fly. That’s OK too. There’s always room in my Reader for volumes upon volumes of novel-length posts, thanks to the SAVE option! 

So I built up a lovely assorted collection of saved posts. And I built it up and built it up… 

One blog I follow provides interesting music to listen to, which I keep up with, for the most part. I saved a whole bunch of music posts, and planned to take a day off to go on a musical synesthesia tripping-out Marathon. I saved the first chapter of another blogger’s WIP that I’d planned to read, and give feedback on. And I had another blogger’s short story in there too, which I also intended to read and give feedback. There were a couple of important Let’s Get Published posts among the saved clutter. One had links to writing lecture videos on Youtube. The other had something to do with Ted Talks, but that one was from a few years ago, so I don’t remember what the hell it was about. Something I thought was important, sometime around 2017 or 2018-ish. Still I planned on getting around to it, at least within the next five years. 

One fine day, I decided it was time to fetch those story posts, but when I tapped open my saved post collection… 

EVERYTHING was gone. 

WordPress glitched up on me again, and completely deleted my saved posts, without me knowing. I was shocked. Has this ever happened to any of you? 

Had WordPress made changes to how you can save posts, the last time they updated? Like, did they put a limit on how many posts you could save, and for how long, if you’re using the free version? I get the WordPress newsletters, but they’re all about flash sales on things to up-grade your site, and tips on improving your traffic, and stuff like that. I know that if you want to be totally in the loop about everything that’s going on with WordPress, you have to go directly to their website. 

When the block editor came about, to me, the thing seemed to have just barged into both of my WordPress apps, unannounced. I didn’t really know what was going on until I read other bloggers’ angry rants about the block editor. Some raged about how they’d read, on the WordPress website, that the classic editor was going to be permanently replaced by the block editor. 

So I’m wondering if, what happened to my saved posts was something I could’ve seen coming, or even prevented, if I had kept better tabs on WordPress itself. 

Or does WordPress just have more bugs than a squatters’ house? 

Love you all! Post you soon!      

Weirdpress 2

This happened, I swear, for like, the fourth time within the past few months. 

On my last Weirdpress post, I mentioned how I read posts from those who blog less often, on my notifications, and posts from hyper-productive blog blasters, on the WordPress Reader. 

So I was pittling around on WordPress, yesterday, and something told me—perhaps it was my fairy blog mother—to check through my list of blogs I follow. For the fourth time, it seems as though a mischievous digital poltergeist had gotten into my Notification Settings, and turned off new post notifications from EVERYBODY that I read, through my notifications! So I had to swipe through the long-ass list of blog names, and one-by-one, click on those who I read in my notifications, and toggle the New Posts button “on” for each and every one of them. If this happened a few times already, it’s most likely going to keep happening, every so often. Ugh! It’s so annoying! It’s like, because I flip back and forth to read posts from two different sections of WordPress, the thing gets confused. I must either read all blogs on the Reader, or toggle the New Notifications button “on” for the entire infinite number of you that I follow. Or else it “can… not… compute” 

Now I have to remember to check my list of followed blogs, regularly, to make sure the thing doesn’t keep turning people’s new post notifications off on me. Pain in the ass

Anybody else encounter this quirk? 


A few months ago, I had an odd incident where one of my followers Liked the same post three times. This showed up on both my WordPress notifications, and my email. I was like, “What the heck?” I wondered, was this blogger desperate for attention, or something? Or was she just indecisive over whether or not if she was digging that particular post. Whatever was going on, I just appreciated that she liked the post, repeatedly. Then it didn’t happen again. So I just passed it off as, a blogger who takes a while to make a final decision. 

Later on, I realized what was probably going on with that follower, when it was me who had to Like the same post twice. 

I have blogs that I follow, in my WordPress notifications, and blogs that I follow, but keep in the WordPress Reader. Now, don’t get offended, if you figured out that your blog is not one of the blogs in my notifications. You’re not chop liver. The bloggers that I put in my notifications, are the ones who don’t post nearly as often as those who are in my Reader. On the WordPress mobile app, the Reader will only hold about 300 posts at once. There are bloggers that I follow, that post several times a day. Sometimes they post every hour, or even every few minutes. These post-oholics often bump those who post less often, out of my Reader. So I put the less frequent bloggers in my notifications, in order to not miss out on them. 

Anyhow, One day, I read a post from one of the bloggers in my notifications, and I gave the post a Like. Then a while later, I was browsing through my Reader, and I scrolled past that same post. My voiceover told me, “This post is not in my likes.” That wasn’t true. I clearly remembered giving that post a Like. So I Liked it again. 

This got me a little paranoid for a while, that wordpress might remove my Like reactions. So every time I Liked someone’s post, I’d check it several times, after I clicked the Like button, just to make sure my reaction wasn’t removed. During the times I did this, my Likes for others posts stayed. So I figured that this must’ve been a glitch that was resolved. 

Then, I was scrolling through my Reader, yesterday, and I saw that it happened again. Two bloggers’ posts that I CLEARLY remembered Liking, when I read them in my notifications, said that they were not in my Likes. I absolutely positively DID NOT remove my Like reaction. What was I to do, but just tap the Like button again on these posts. 

Us bloggers know that WordPress has bugs in their system. For example, I’ve heard other bloggers talk about a glitch that puts their followers’ comments in their Spam folder. One blogger I followed, had the aggravating issue where WordPress would delete her followers’ comments after one day. A fellow blogger told me that there is also a bug where WordPress will bump followers off of your Follows list. They’ll still be following you, but their names or blog site addresses won’t be there. I’ve had four followers get bumped off completely. They didn’t unfollow me on their own. WordPress made that choice. The moral of this post is, to spread the awareness about another glitch. WordPress can remove yours, or your followers’ Like reactions, at any unpredictable time. Who can relate? I can’t be the only one whose come across this problem.