Goofy-Ass Pen Name


I wasn’t supposed to delight you with another post until next weekend, but I figured out how to change the name on it into my pen name–Bia Bella Baker. Love it or hate it, that’s the name I want people to know, because that’s going to be the name on my up-coming YA/Syfy/romance series HECCTROSSIPY. Christa and mom think the name is pretty bad. They were like, “Why can’t you just be Bia Baker, or Bia Bella?” OK, maybe the alliteration’s make it sound silly, and maybe kind of annoying. But silly and annoying can also make something catchy, and stand out. Tia Wojo just doesn’t cut it, and I would absolutely NOT put Tia Wojciechowski on my book covers. Ugh! The storylines in the series are enough of a mindfuck. They don’t need to be written by an author whose name is a tongue fuck. Ooo that just sounded totally pornographic. Sorry about that.

So from now on, you’ll be receiving posts from Bia Bella Baker. Same old lovable, crazy, cynical blogger, but now with a Dr. Sues-ish sounding name.