🍂🧡 Let’s talk about coffee💘 My review of Coffee A M’s Fall flavored Coffee Sampler 🧡🍂

This is a series I’ve been wanting to do since March, when I discovered a little hidden gem of an on-line store called Coffee A M. I LLLOOOVVVEEE trying all different flavors and nationalities of unique coffees. However, because of covid, the coffee inventory in my local grocery stores has dwindled, leaving only a small selection of the same old-same olds available. 

Then my stupid, pain-in-the-ass digestive health problems flared up, and I had to switch to decaf, which limited my coffee choices even more. Every time I needed to get more coffee at the store, it was always the same boring thing. I could either have decaf classic roast or decaf house blend, decaf house blend or decaf classic roast. Ugh shoot me! So depressing. Anyone who knows me, knows that I hate having to try to make the best of settling for less more than I hate roaches and mosquitoes. 

One weekend, after another disappointing quest for different decafs, I decided to search the internet for a sign of hope that decaf coffee drinkers don’t have to be stuck in a coffee rut. I looked up flavored decaf coffees, and BAM! I found heaven on Earth. Coffee A M has a hundred or so different kinds of coffees that are also available in decaf! Woohoo! Oh, rejoice! There is a God! 

Their website is easy to maneuver through, AND to my further overwhelming joy, IT’S ACCESSIBILITY USER FRIENDLY!!! YAAAAAAAAAAY!!! Each coffee’s page has an easy-to-use form to fill out, giving you a choice of whole bean, drip grind, french press grind, or espresso grind. Their New Orleans style chicory coffee is the only one I’ve seen that’s not available in whole bean, which makes sense. Not all of the coffees’ forms, but a good enough number of them, offer the choice of regular or decaf. And most of the coffees are available in three different bag sizes—half-pound, one-pound, or five-pound. You also have the choice to get your chosen coffee once, or subscribe for that same coffee to be delivered to your home or office routinely. As a bonus, you could even customize your coffee, by adding a 25-character message on the coffee bag. How cool is that? 

Your coffee is freshly made, once they receive your order. You have a choice of which delivery service you want to use, but their default delivery service—Fedex Home Delivery—has been good enough for me. I’ve been getting my yummy fresh coffee within only two to three days. 

Aside from coffee, they have other cool products—different types of coffee makers, smoothie mixes, hot chocolate mixes, loose leaf teas, instant iced coffee mixes, single-serve coffees, and the list goes on. I even came across a couple types of whip cream makers. 

Such an amazing variety of stuff and variety of coffee really tickles the fancy of my inner maximalist. I want to try everything. EVERYTHING! Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ! With so many flavors of coffee to choose from, the best way to try more flavors at once is to order their sampler packs. The first sampler pack I cracked open is their Fall Flavored Coffee Sampler. This consists of a half-pound bag of each of these flavors—nutmeg spice, pumpkin spice, caramel apple, southern pecan, Vermont maple pecan, and crème brûlée. Here is my review for each of these flavors. 


NUTMEG SPICE: five stars 

This flavor was love at first try, but I loved it even more when I made it a second time. I don’t know if it’s the lining of the heat sealed bags they use, but sometimes the flavors taste better a couple days or so after you opened the bag. When I tried this coffee when it was freshly opened, the smell was incredible, and it tasted like a yummy, cozy spiced coffee. However, I was the slightest bit disappointed that it didn’t taste exactly like its name. The nutmeg aroma was noticeable, but the nutmeg flavor didn’t stand out among the other baking spice flavors. When I made a pot of this coffee a week later, the nutmeg both smelled and tasted Pleasantly stronger, I just love, love, love the combination of coffee and autumn spices together. Coffee A M’s nutmeg spice coffee is the ultimate comfort drink. I’ll most definitely be ordering this flavor again in the future. 


PUMPKIN SPICE: four stars 

Oh, this coffee smelled so delicious, I wanted to take a spoon, and start eating the grounds right out of the bag. Then come to find out, the smell was more aromatic than the pumpkin spice taste. Even after the second try. The pumpkin taste kind of stands out, along with caramelly hints of sugar and molasses, but there’s a lack of spiciness. It’s like pairing a cup of top quality coffee with a bland piece of pumpkin pie. I mean, it’s still good and I enjoy it, but it could be better. Would I get it a second time? Not sure. 


CARAMEL APPLE: once five stars, now four stars 

I had tried this flavor individually, and loved it so much. It was appley and caramelly, and oh so addictive. I looked forward to having seconds on this flavor, when I ordered the autumn sampler. Caramel apple was an instant “flavorite” that I didn’t think I could ever get sick of. So much so that I entertained the idea of ordering an additional one-pound bag of it. Phew! Now I’m glad I didn’t. The second time around had me feeling jipped. The yummy, buttery caramel flavor is there, but they really, really reduced the apple flavoring. Now there’s just a tease of an apple taste. It’s still good and I still enjoy it, but it used to be better. What the hell happened??? Was this an official recipe change? Or is it one of those things where each batch of coffee might taste different, depending on who prepares your order? Or worse—Are they doing the dastardly stereo typical business bullshit, by skimping on certain flavorings to stretch them out in order to cut costs, or increase prophet? After I post my complainttive review, I’ll give this flavor one more try. If it still doesn’t taste like the way it used to, I just won’t order it again. I don’t consider myself a coffee connoisseur. Maybe more like a coffee diva. If it says caramel apple flavored coffee, I want it to taste like caramel apple flavored coffee. Not caramel flavored coffee with a little touch of apple. 


SOUTHERN PECAN: four stars 

The smell of this coffee was drool-worthy. Like top quality coffee and real, freshly roasted pecans. However, like with the pumpkin spice, the aroma was more there than the taste. It is a really good coffee, but the pecan flavor is more of an after-taste. This is another flavor I’m not sure if I’d get again. 



Oh, bleck! What the heck?! Please tell me the person who prepared my order goofed on this one. Maybe that person was a trainee? There’s a pecan flavor and a weird flavor that doesn’t taste at all like maple. It doesn’t taste like something that’s meant to be a coffee flavoring at all. Before I open my coffees, I always smell them through that sniffing circle thing on the front of the bag, and this one didn’t smell right. However, I wasn’t going to be judgmental, thinking back on the time when I ordered Coffee A M’s New Orleans style chicory coffee. At first sniff, it smelled like a combination of coffee and punky pet store smell. But when I tried it, it tasted awesome. This didn’t happen with the Vermont maple pecan coffee. It smells and tastes like roasted pecans, humid outside air, and a hint of an indistinguishable Chemicaly taste. Perhaps the maple flavoring had expired and they didn’t realize it? I didn’t die after drinking it, or get sick, or hallucinate that I was Ronald McDonald, here to defend the planet from evil, french fry eating, Martian tennis players. I gave it two stars because, as weird and funky as it is, this flavor is at least palatable. I decided to drink it anyway, because I would hate to throw it away. These coffees are not cheap. After several tries, I got acclimated to the flavor. I just imagine that it’s coffee flavored with pecans that were imported from another Galaxy. I would give this flavor one more try, just out of Curiosity. Did I get a blooper batch? Or is this flavor just no good? 


Crème brûlée: five stars 

Yum! Yum! Yum! Yum! Yum! This wouldn’t have been a flavor that I would’ve ordered individually, because I’ve had it before many-a-times, and it’s become quite common. Even among the grocery stores’ limited inventory, there’s usually at least one or two brands available in this flavor. I mainly ordered the Fall Flavored coffee sampler, because I wanted to try the nutmeg spice and Vermont maple pecan, and I wanted seconds on caramel apple. I wasn’t as stoked about the mainstream pumpkin spice, southern pecan, and crème brûlée flavors, but I wanted to try them anyway, because I never had Coffee A M’s version of them. And what in the world does crème brûlée have to do with autumn? Who cares! I’m so glad it was included in the sampler! I never would’ve expected to love it this much. It’s the best flavor out of the six. Even better than nutmeg spice. Through the sniffing circle, the aroma was absolutely tantalizing. As I opened the bag, and then brewed a pot, the smell grew more and more mouth watering. Like fresh brewed, top quality coffee and a freshly made, decadent, sweet, sinful indulgence.. And the taste… Oh, the taste! Wow! Holy crap! Hot diggety dam! Mmmmm, mmmmm, MMMMM!! It tasted like a mixture of high-end coffee with a caramelized sugar and vanilla accented, rich and creamy baked dessert taste. Now this is what I call flavored coffee. 

I’ve read the reviews for many flavors, while browsing through Coffee A M, many of which I haven’t tried yet. I’ve seen a good number of reviews where a customer loves a coffee, because it has just the right hint of flavoring. Selfishly, I hope these people don’t get around to the crème brûlée flavor, and ruin it for me. I don’t want a stupid, teasing little hint of flavor. I personally prefer the coffee and its flavoring to come together like an equally balanced flavor duet. Not like the coffee being the lead singer, and the flavoring being just the back-up vocals. Crème brûlée is another one of my Coffee A M flavorites, and I would most definitely, 100%, absolutely positively get it again. If you love flavorful flavored coffee, BUY… THIS… COFFEE!! 

Have a great weekend, everybody, and happy 4th of July to all you fellow Americans! 

Love you all! Post you soon!      

🛌The Ruined Week, The Unintentional Hiatus, and the Battling Lawn Mowers🛌

Oh, man, I haven’t written a new post in, what was it? Since a month ago? The last time I wrote you all, I thanked everyone who read my rough draft excerpts from book 2 of my HECCTROSSIPY series. It was so exciting to have others read that bit of Artheena’s story, and give the excerpts Likes and comments. It made my week. 

Unlike in book 1, this teenager from another planet has been growing and maturing through life’s hardships in book 2. Artheena is a character I feel very closely bonded with, and like a stage mom, I’ll do whatever I can to help push her into the spotlight. 

Then the joy of having my excerpts read was struck down by an ass-kicking, digestive flare up that put me in crippling pain. It came on, out of the blue, and forced me to have to stay in bed for almost a whole day, because it hurt to move. This flare up freaked me out, because not only was it nothing like any flare up I’d experienced before, it was the second time I had gotten sick within only two months. I get sick enough to have to stay in bed, maybe once every other year. 

Sure, I’ve had digestive issues through the decades, like a lot of Americans, but they were more of an annoyance than anything that struck fear through my heart. If the old inner food processors got cranky, all it took was a couple anti-acids or pain relievers and a nap, and everything felt back to normal. 

I had talked to doctors about my issues, and gotten examinations, and diagnoses’ with this or that disease. But these health problems would seem to go away sometimes, and I would be blessed with long periods of remission. So I assumed the problems were minor, and nothing to be that concerned about. If I had a flare-up of some sort, I usually had an idea of what I had done to put my insides in a bitchy mood. These recent flare-ups that happened within a couple of months had symptoms that didn’t make sense, and I had no idea what was wrong or what the culprits were. 

When illness struck this past January, the fatigue, the tiredness, the drug-like hazy feeling, and the spastic pains on the right side of my abdomen reminded me of when I got bacterial colitis from eating expired Chinese take-out chili sauce, back in 2019. I believe it was expired, because it was part of a steamed vegetables and rice meal that most likely isn’t a big seller. So the sauce was probably sitting around for a long time, waiting for somebody, anybody to order the meal it comes with. Who the hell gets Chinese take-out, because they have a hankering for Mmmm, Mmmm, MMMM, Mmmm, steamed veggies? 

The day after I ate it, I was working on one of my books, when along came lower abdominal cramping that kept getting worse as it crept further and further up my torso. I managed to tough this out, but other symptoms followed, which we thought could be appendicitis. After going to the emergency room, and getting a diagnosis from one of those iodine scanning machines, ugh, it took a week of strong antibiotics, and practically drowning myself in greek yogurt to make that infection go away. Long story short, the parents and I figured that it had to be the chili sauce that did it. It was the only thing I ate that was out of the norm. I thought the chili peppers in that stuff tasted unusually bitter. 

When I had bacterial colitis-like symptoms for a second time, thankfully they were a lot more mild. Still, it was enough to be unsettling. With this covid thing going on, the last place I wanted to end up in was the hospital. My symptoms also didn’t make sense. There was nothing I ate that was out of the norm. It got me paranoid that my colen might’ve been invaded by one of those newer strains of covid. Whatever it was, fortunately I succeeded in staving it off by getting lots of sleep, and chugging down plenty of fluids. So once again, I assumed that it was no big deal, and I was going to be fine. 

This second flare-up was one hell of a wake-up call. I’ll spare you the gory details, but it got through to me that my health issues were not minor, and I wasn’t going to be fine, if I kept eating whatever I wanted, while sloughing off how it might effect my insides.  . Having no idea what I could’ve done to cause this, made it all the more scary. What I ate, and how much coffee I drank on the day it happened, was no different than on any other day. Taking pain relievers didn’t help nearly as much as they usually did, which was scary too. 

Thank the universe, by the time the pain subsided enough to where it didn’t kill me to get out of bed, it was on the day when I just-so-happened to have an appointment with my primary doctor. Unlike this glossed-over version of my flare-up  that I’m giving all of you, I told the doctor every graphic detail. She set me up with a referral to the Digestive and Liver Center. The problem was coming from my lower G I tract, which had been having sporadic bouts of acting temperamental, over the past four years. I didn’t think I needed to get that part of me examined, because I was nowhere near fifty. Then after this full-force attack happened, I desperately hoped that one of the doctors from the Digestive and Liver Center would be willing to give me a very under-aged colonoscopy. 

After seeing the doctor, the anticipation of wanting to know what was wrong, and what life changes would I have to make to prevent another body-wracking flare-up, really got to me. Being an anxious personality type, I couldn’t concentrate on that much of anything. I managed to work on HECCTROSSIPy 2 a little bit, but I just couldn’t get into blogging, or participating in anything social media. Even reading was hard to get into. Man, I missed out on so many of your blog posts. It’s going to be fun blog-binging to try to catch up. I’m sorry for not getting on the ball with my re-blogging of Clennel Anthony and Let’s Get Published posts. You guys seem to really enjoy them.

I have enough limitations as it is. I deeply dreaded finding out how much more restricted life was going to have to be. Was I going to have to live off of stuff like, soup and Jell-O for the rest of my life? Was I going to have to do without coffee, my favorite thing in the whole wide world? Even worse, what if the problem was so bad that a strict diet wouldn’t be enough. I shuddered at the thought of having to depend on some awful prescription drugs. Putting up with their gross and annoying side effects, yeesh

These anxious thoughts made it hard enough to stay focussed on things. On top of that, the flare-up was followed by other unsettling symptoms. For example, I would get tired very easily, and had to take two or more naps during the day. My insides ached, but it wasn’t a type of ache I’d ever experienced before. It was dull, but continuous, like my organs’ involuntary muscles could somehow become sore and stiff from exertion, like the voluntary ones. The symptom that scared me the most was, I sometimes couldn’t tell when I was hungry or thirsty. The rest of my body would feel the effects of doing without for so many hours, but the desire for food and water wasn’t there. 

I hate to say it, but the possibility of having cancer crossed my mind. If this were true, I wouldn’t have been shocked. Those of us who graduated from the Florida School for the Deaf and the blind noticed that a startling number of the women who had lived in the Koger Hall dorm during their teenage years, got cancer, or some other incurable illness when they were middle aged. The curse of Koger Hall, it was called. One of my old friends was diagnosed with cancer, when she was only 34. When we got back in touch, after so many years, she was hoping to get some kind of investigation going on, on our old dorm. Something had to be wrong with that building. Maybe it was an overlooked toxin in the tap water. Or it could’ve been a century’s worth of built up negative energy. We Koger Hall girls didn’t have that much of a cozy and loving home-life during our stay there. Whatever the case, she felt that the number of former students who got sick was too many to be a coincidence. She researched her family tree, and found that the only other relative who had cancer was an ancestor’s non-blood-related second husband. This added to her suspicion that there was something dangerous about that building. Sadly, no investigation ever happened, and she passed away less than two years after her diagnoses. Just in case I was next on the Koger Hall curse’s hit list, I prayed that I could at least live long enough to finish writing my series. This made me anxious too. 

When I told the G I specialist every horrific detail about my flare up, he didn’t care that I’m only 41. He decided that I needed to set up an appointment for a colonoscopy, without missing a beat. He didn’t even bother questioning me about my eating habits and lifestyle, or anything like that. This made me awfully nervous. 

When mom and I set up an appointment, I was so eager to get the mystery solved, and start planning how to move forward after diagnosis, that I carelessly chose to be booked for April 5th—The day after Easter! Now Easter was going to be canceled for me, because that day was to be devoted to doing the infamous colonoscopy prep work. AAAAAAHHH!! Once I realized this mistake, I tried to talk the appointments coordinator into rescheduling my appointment to the next closest day, but it was too late. No Easter festivities this year. 

When it was time to do the prep work, oh, man. It was more strict than when my parents had to do it. The prepping started three days before the procedure, instead of just the one. On Friday and Saturday, I had to stick to a geriatric, low-fiber diet of all things mushy, and tons of liquid. When canceled-Easter came, I decided to do nothing that day. There was no point in trying to get anything done, when I would probably be running to the bathroom every other minute. 

I had chicken bouillon broth for breakfast and lunch, and glass after glass of water. I had to take a couple laxatives at 12:00, and drink the first bottle of cozen cleansing solution and an 8 ounce cup of clear liquid at 5:00. The cleansing stuff tasted weird, but not as unbearable as I’d expected. It tasted like a tangy, unsweetened strawberry Insure shake with a hint of medicine funk. After drinking it, I had to drink an 8 ounce cup of clear liquid, every hour until 9:00. While torturing my guts, I spent the day tripping out on music, which made the hours pass quickly. That made getting through the prep work a little easier. 

On Monday, I had to drink the second bottle of the solution with 8 ounces of clear liquid, at 7:00 in the morning. And then drink 8 ounces of liquid every hour until 9:00. After that last drink, I was forbidden to drink anything else until the procedure, which was four hours away. If my mouth got that fermented and gross tasting, there was no better choice but to swish and spit the chemically tap water from the bathroom sink. 

By now, I was really feeling the effects of going without a decent meal all weekend. Purging my insides probably added to the blah, tired and lazy feeling. I spent that morning laying in bed, and dozing in and out of watching murder investigation shows. I felt so starved and drained of energy, yuck, I couldn’t wait to get the procedure done and over with. 

When it finally happened, it was so quick and painless that there’s nothing to write about it. I was knocked out the whole time anyway. The anesthesia they used was so fast acting, I don’t remember falling asleep or waking up. It was like a time lapse. One minute, the nurse was giving me anesthesia, and I was telling him that I could taste it in the back of my mouth. The next minute, they were unhooking me from the I V bag and other stuff, and telling me that I was done. It was the after-effects that I never would’ve expected. 

When one of them asked me how I was feeling, I remember saying, “I feel like I’m about to shit the bed.” Little did I know, they pumped my intestines full of gas to stretch them out, so they could maneuver the camera in them. A fart explosion escaped that sounded like an elephant sitting on a bus-sized whoopie cushion. I apologized, but the nurse told me that I needed to let that gas out. 

He was right. When I tried to hold it in, it hurt like hell. So there was no better choice but to let it rrrrrRRRRRIP in front of a bunch of total strangers. It was so embarrassing! I was in this big, open room with a dozen or so other patients, and there were doctors and nurses and technicians milling about. The only means of privacy were hospital curtain partitions, which of course have no sound proofing quality. I couldn’t believe one single human ass could blap at such a high decibel level. It sounded like Harley Davidsons and battling lawn mowers! Nobody laughed but me. Then I was embarrassed about laughing at my own farts, like a ten-year-old. 

In the end, the colonoscopy result was, I have a severe case of diverticulosis. A case that would be more likely seen in someone twice my age, who eats lots of egg Mcmuffins and Wonder Bread. I wasn’t expecting the results to be a clean bill of health, but this was shocking and pretty scary, because it didn’t make sense. I eat a high fiber diet with lots of fruits and vegetables. The parents and I rarely eat processed fast food, and the household is about 90% junk-food free. Even our choices of snack foods are multi grain this, and veggie chip that. The doctor sent me home with some articles about how to live with the disease, and keep it under control. I was at least happy to know what the problem was, and start planning the new life changes that had to be made, but it was still a mystery how my insides got that damaged in the first place. 

I could blame the curse of Koger Hall for adding me to the list of girls who had gotten incurable diseases in their middle age, but there’s a more realistic reason for why it happened. 

I need to work on my anger management. When it comes to dealing with anger, resentment, hatred, animosity, and other negative emotions, instead of losing my temper, like a lot of people with anger management problems, I bottle things up as tightly as possible. My anger is too controlled and repressed. It’s a known fact that bottling up negative emotions could cause health problems. By undermining all the other digestive issues I’ve had through the years, while continuing to tightly restrain all my negative emotions, I pretty much mutilated my own insides. Realizing this was the mother of all holy shit wake-up calls. Now I’m a million percent willing to do everything the doctor says, and I’ll never undermine my health again. 

Since getting diagnosed, I changed my eating habits, and cut wwwaaayyy back on caffeine. I take a fiber supplement too, and eat plenty of high quality Greek yogurt. Most importantly of all, I keep an anger management journal. Every time something pisses me off or is annoying, or if I have a dark thought, I go to my room, and type about it in the journal. It’s probably not as effective of an anger outlet as using a punching bag, or going to a rag room, but it works for me. Writing down all the negative thoughts and emotions does give some feeling of release, and amazingly, it does reduce ruminations. 

so far. The tiredness and inner soreness, and all the other unsettling symptoms have gone away, and it really feels like I have the disease under control. Now that life is back to normal again, it’s time to get back on track with NO PICTURES ALLOWED, and catching up with all of you! 

Love you all! Post you again soon!