🍂🧡 Let’s talk about coffee💘 My review of Coffee A M’s Fall flavored Coffee Sampler 🧡🍂

This is a series I’ve been wanting to do since March, when I discovered a little hidden gem of an on-line store called Coffee A M. I LLLOOOVVVEEE trying all different flavors and nationalities of unique coffees. However, because of covid, the coffee inventory in my local grocery stores has dwindled, leaving only a small selection of the same old-same olds available. 

Then my stupid, pain-in-the-ass digestive health problems flared up, and I had to switch to decaf, which limited my coffee choices even more. Every time I needed to get more coffee at the store, it was always the same boring thing. I could either have decaf classic roast or decaf house blend, decaf house blend or decaf classic roast. Ugh shoot me! So depressing. Anyone who knows me, knows that I hate having to try to make the best of settling for less more than I hate roaches and mosquitoes. 

One weekend, after another disappointing quest for different decafs, I decided to search the internet for a sign of hope that decaf coffee drinkers don’t have to be stuck in a coffee rut. I looked up flavored decaf coffees, and BAM! I found heaven on Earth. Coffee A M has a hundred or so different kinds of coffees that are also available in decaf! Woohoo! Oh, rejoice! There is a God! 

Their website is easy to maneuver through, AND to my further overwhelming joy, IT’S ACCESSIBILITY USER FRIENDLY!!! YAAAAAAAAAAY!!! Each coffee’s page has an easy-to-use form to fill out, giving you a choice of whole bean, drip grind, french press grind, or espresso grind. Their New Orleans style chicory coffee is the only one I’ve seen that’s not available in whole bean, which makes sense. Not all of the coffees’ forms, but a good enough number of them, offer the choice of regular or decaf. And most of the coffees are available in three different bag sizes—half-pound, one-pound, or five-pound. You also have the choice to get your chosen coffee once, or subscribe for that same coffee to be delivered to your home or office routinely. As a bonus, you could even customize your coffee, by adding a 25-character message on the coffee bag. How cool is that? 

Your coffee is freshly made, once they receive your order. You have a choice of which delivery service you want to use, but their default delivery service—Fedex Home Delivery—has been good enough for me. I’ve been getting my yummy fresh coffee within only two to three days. 

Aside from coffee, they have other cool products—different types of coffee makers, smoothie mixes, hot chocolate mixes, loose leaf teas, instant iced coffee mixes, single-serve coffees, and the list goes on. I even came across a couple types of whip cream makers. 

Such an amazing variety of stuff and variety of coffee really tickles the fancy of my inner maximalist. I want to try everything. EVERYTHING! Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ! With so many flavors of coffee to choose from, the best way to try more flavors at once is to order their sampler packs. The first sampler pack I cracked open is their Fall Flavored Coffee Sampler. This consists of a half-pound bag of each of these flavors—nutmeg spice, pumpkin spice, caramel apple, southern pecan, Vermont maple pecan, and crème brûlée. Here is my review for each of these flavors. 


NUTMEG SPICE: five stars 

This flavor was love at first try, but I loved it even more when I made it a second time. I don’t know if it’s the lining of the heat sealed bags they use, but sometimes the flavors taste better a couple days or so after you opened the bag. When I tried this coffee when it was freshly opened, the smell was incredible, and it tasted like a yummy, cozy spiced coffee. However, I was the slightest bit disappointed that it didn’t taste exactly like its name. The nutmeg aroma was noticeable, but the nutmeg flavor didn’t stand out among the other baking spice flavors. When I made a pot of this coffee a week later, the nutmeg both smelled and tasted Pleasantly stronger, I just love, love, love the combination of coffee and autumn spices together. Coffee A M’s nutmeg spice coffee is the ultimate comfort drink. I’ll most definitely be ordering this flavor again in the future. 


PUMPKIN SPICE: four stars 

Oh, this coffee smelled so delicious, I wanted to take a spoon, and start eating the grounds right out of the bag. Then come to find out, the smell was more aromatic than the pumpkin spice taste. Even after the second try. The pumpkin taste kind of stands out, along with caramelly hints of sugar and molasses, but there’s a lack of spiciness. It’s like pairing a cup of top quality coffee with a bland piece of pumpkin pie. I mean, it’s still good and I enjoy it, but it could be better. Would I get it a second time? Not sure. 


CARAMEL APPLE: once five stars, now four stars 

I had tried this flavor individually, and loved it so much. It was appley and caramelly, and oh so addictive. I looked forward to having seconds on this flavor, when I ordered the autumn sampler. Caramel apple was an instant “flavorite” that I didn’t think I could ever get sick of. So much so that I entertained the idea of ordering an additional one-pound bag of it. Phew! Now I’m glad I didn’t. The second time around had me feeling jipped. The yummy, buttery caramel flavor is there, but they really, really reduced the apple flavoring. Now there’s just a tease of an apple taste. It’s still good and I still enjoy it, but it used to be better. What the hell happened??? Was this an official recipe change? Or is it one of those things where each batch of coffee might taste different, depending on who prepares your order? Or worse—Are they doing the dastardly stereo typical business bullshit, by skimping on certain flavorings to stretch them out in order to cut costs, or increase prophet? After I post my complainttive review, I’ll give this flavor one more try. If it still doesn’t taste like the way it used to, I just won’t order it again. I don’t consider myself a coffee connoisseur. Maybe more like a coffee diva. If it says caramel apple flavored coffee, I want it to taste like caramel apple flavored coffee. Not caramel flavored coffee with a little touch of apple. 


SOUTHERN PECAN: four stars 

The smell of this coffee was drool-worthy. Like top quality coffee and real, freshly roasted pecans. However, like with the pumpkin spice, the aroma was more there than the taste. It is a really good coffee, but the pecan flavor is more of an after-taste. This is another flavor I’m not sure if I’d get again. 



Oh, bleck! What the heck?! Please tell me the person who prepared my order goofed on this one. Maybe that person was a trainee? There’s a pecan flavor and a weird flavor that doesn’t taste at all like maple. It doesn’t taste like something that’s meant to be a coffee flavoring at all. Before I open my coffees, I always smell them through that sniffing circle thing on the front of the bag, and this one didn’t smell right. However, I wasn’t going to be judgmental, thinking back on the time when I ordered Coffee A M’s New Orleans style chicory coffee. At first sniff, it smelled like a combination of coffee and punky pet store smell. But when I tried it, it tasted awesome. This didn’t happen with the Vermont maple pecan coffee. It smells and tastes like roasted pecans, humid outside air, and a hint of an indistinguishable Chemicaly taste. Perhaps the maple flavoring had expired and they didn’t realize it? I didn’t die after drinking it, or get sick, or hallucinate that I was Ronald McDonald, here to defend the planet from evil, french fry eating, Martian tennis players. I gave it two stars because, as weird and funky as it is, this flavor is at least palatable. I decided to drink it anyway, because I would hate to throw it away. These coffees are not cheap. After several tries, I got acclimated to the flavor. I just imagine that it’s coffee flavored with pecans that were imported from another Galaxy. I would give this flavor one more try, just out of Curiosity. Did I get a blooper batch? Or is this flavor just no good? 


Crème brûlée: five stars 

Yum! Yum! Yum! Yum! Yum! This wouldn’t have been a flavor that I would’ve ordered individually, because I’ve had it before many-a-times, and it’s become quite common. Even among the grocery stores’ limited inventory, there’s usually at least one or two brands available in this flavor. I mainly ordered the Fall Flavored coffee sampler, because I wanted to try the nutmeg spice and Vermont maple pecan, and I wanted seconds on caramel apple. I wasn’t as stoked about the mainstream pumpkin spice, southern pecan, and crème brûlée flavors, but I wanted to try them anyway, because I never had Coffee A M’s version of them. And what in the world does crème brûlée have to do with autumn? Who cares! I’m so glad it was included in the sampler! I never would’ve expected to love it this much. It’s the best flavor out of the six. Even better than nutmeg spice. Through the sniffing circle, the aroma was absolutely tantalizing. As I opened the bag, and then brewed a pot, the smell grew more and more mouth watering. Like fresh brewed, top quality coffee and a freshly made, decadent, sweet, sinful indulgence.. And the taste… Oh, the taste! Wow! Holy crap! Hot diggety dam! Mmmmm, mmmmm, MMMMM!! It tasted like a mixture of high-end coffee with a caramelized sugar and vanilla accented, rich and creamy baked dessert taste. Now this is what I call flavored coffee. 

I’ve read the reviews for many flavors, while browsing through Coffee A M, many of which I haven’t tried yet. I’ve seen a good number of reviews where a customer loves a coffee, because it has just the right hint of flavoring. Selfishly, I hope these people don’t get around to the crème brûlée flavor, and ruin it for me. I don’t want a stupid, teasing little hint of flavor. I personally prefer the coffee and its flavoring to come together like an equally balanced flavor duet. Not like the coffee being the lead singer, and the flavoring being just the back-up vocals. Crème brûlée is another one of my Coffee A M flavorites, and I would most definitely, 100%, absolutely positively get it again. If you love flavorful flavored coffee, BUY… THIS… COFFEE!! 

Have a great weekend, everybody, and happy 4th of July to all you fellow Americans! 

Love you all! Post you soon!      

Caffeinated Christmas

It’s been a while, but—hello again! 

I don’t expect that all of you had a rip roaring good time during the holidays, with all this death and sickness going on. So I’ll just say, I hope you had a decent Christmas, and an all right New Year’s Eve. Or a fairly enjoyable time celebrating Hanukkah or Kwanzaa, or any other December-through-January festivity. 

Sorry to brag, but I had an awfully non-depressing Christmas. It was very up-lifting. Literally. I got so many coffee related presents this year, I’m going to bleed breve and sweat cappuccino froth. 

Unique flavored coffees was one of the items on my Christmas list. The weirder the better. I love those flavors of coffee that gross people out, like blueberry cobbler, Georgia peach, and mocha mint. 

There used to be a coffee shop called The Beanery that was at the Woodbridge Mall, in Woodbridge New Jersey. This place was the jackpot for unique coffee lovers. The only place in the world, where I found Michigan cherry coffee and banana-nut bread coffee. 

Fresh Market had some pretty daring flavors too. I don’t know if they still do, because I haven’t been there in forever. But while shopping there, I discovered chocolate lavender coffee, chocolate orange, and chocolate cranberry. 

When it comes to flavored coffees, most stores stick to the classics, like French vanilla, and hazelnut. If you scan the aisle a little more closely, you might find a few other flavors that are compatible with breakfast foods, like southern pecan, cinnamon swirl, and caramel crumb cake, but nothing too outlandish. However, with the world pretty much ending, the grocery stores’ coffee selection seems to have downsized. Publix didn’t even have the New England’s Best pumpkin spice, egg nogg, and mocha mint coffees, that they used to always have in stock, every holiday season. Mom, who does most of the grocery shopping for the family, was able to find a bag of New England’s Best pumpkin spice, back in October, but she hasn’t been able to find it ever since. Because of the lessening of flavor varieties, my Christmas request was for the family to look for unique flavored coffees on the internet. 

My sister, Gina, was the best at this. When it was time for everyone to open presents, some of the flavored coffees she got me even had me shocked. I had tried them all, since Christmas. Here’s how they tasted… 

Republica—mushroom coffee: I admit, I was a little nervous about trying this one, or even sniffing it. I mean, coffee made with fungus? How is that going to smell good? 

This is an instant coffee that comes in a little plastic canister. It has the consistency of a very light and fine powder, instead of the regular instant coffee crystal granules. This coffee is a drink for improving your health, because it’s made with a few types of mushrooms that are considered super foods. 

To my surprise, (and relief) it smelled like normal coffee, but better. It didn’t have that slight hint of processed funk that some instant coffees have. 

It tasted very nice too. Not at all like drinking a hot cup of fungi. I was impressed. It had a smooth, Pleasant, mellow taste. If you made a cup of it for someone, they would never suspect it was made with mushrooms, if you don’t tell them. I made it stronger than how the directions said to make it, but adding more only enhanced the flavor, without making it harsh and acidic, like when making stronger normal instant coffee. This coffee is probably kind to sensitive stomachs. 

Bones—maple bacon: The Bones coffees came in a variety box. All of them were made with a pretty mild roast, which is cool, because a milder roast won’t take away from the added weird flavor, like a bold roast would. This was the wackiest sounding one in the box, so I had to try it first. Bacon is one of my favorite meats, but would I love it enough to drink it in my coffee? 

Surprisingly, it wasn’t bacony at all. It had the faintest hint of a smokey smell, but the flavor was all about the maple. This is one of my favorite flavors in the box. It smells and tastes very mapley and cozy, and so delicious. Yum. I don’t understand why maple coffee hadn’t become a coffee flavor standard, like French vanilla. People drink coffee with their pancakes, which are most often drizzled with maple syrup. So why not make maple coffee just as common? This is a true comfort drink. A perfect companion to a nippy winter morning. 

Bones-Strawberry cheesecake: Now this is my kind of flavored coffee. It smells like coffee mixed with strawberry jam. The smell is very aromatic, but not too cloying. The strawberry flavor is more there than the cheesecake flavor. To me, it’s more like strawberry vanilla, with the slightest hint of a buttery taste. With half & half and agave stirred into it, it has that yummy, desserty berry and coffee taste that I always loved. 

Bones—smorey time: I don’t know what the hell this flavor is supposed to be. Does it have anything to do with s’mores? I can’t tell. The flavor is indistinguishable. It tastes like they used the same type of coffee flavoring that’s used in other flavors I’ve had through the years, like crème brûlée, caramel Maki auto, and snickerdoodle. It’s kind of a universal flavoring. Any of you out there who also like drinking different flavors of coffee would probably know what I’m talking about. It tastes like a cross between coffee cake, yellow cake, a hint of fake chocolate taste, and the faintest trace of coconut.  Smorey time is good, but not so original tasting, like the maple bacon and strawberry cheesecake. 

Bones—sinnabon: Yes, sinnabon instead of Cinnabon. Very cute. Gina described the bag for me, and said it was black with skulls and crossbones on it. Adorable. However, flavor-wise, it was no different than any other cinnamon flavored coffee I’ve had. I still like it a lot, but it would be more of a novelty to someone who is just beginning to venture into trying flavored coffees. 

Bones—Highland grog: This flavor doesn’t taste as unique as it sounds, but I love it. It tastes like Irish cream flavored coffee, which used to be really popular, back in the 1990s during America’s coffee craze. Irish cream, Amaretto, French vanilla, and hazelnut were once the popular clique of the coffee world. Every coffee product and their momma were available in those four flavors. They were so popular, I got sick of them, and took them for granted. By the 2020’s, it’s just French vanilla and hazelnut that rein supreme. Irish cream and Amaretto have become washed-up hasbeens. Those flavors are so impossible to find, now-a-days, they practically died off out of existence. Now that they’re not around anymore, I miss them. Highland grog is a yumtastic reincarnation of Irish cream. 

Aside from those unique coffees, I also got bags of hazelnut cream, southern pecan, and crème brûlée coffee, a large jar of Nescafe instant coffee, Italian sweet cream coffee creamer, coffee flavored Worther’s candies, chocolate covered espresso beans, and my very own French press coffee maker. YOWZA! I’m going to be more wired than the power grid! 

Good shock treatment for the brain, to help me write more books and blog posts! 

Love you all! Post you soon!