Talking Surveillance Camera Home Security System for the Blind

When I decided to breathe new life into my comatose blog, a few months ago, the original plan was to mostly write autobiographical stories from the past that might entertain you, and make fun of the hell out of them. One of these days, I want to get around to adding more posts about my debut novel into the mix too, and posts about the books that are available, from the other authors who are members of the Writers’ Mastermind. However, these new blog post inspirations from the present time keep popping up. I planned to tell you the story about surviving my sister’s two weddings, for this weekend’s post. Then this dream came along, the other night, that I thought was kind of funny. So I’ll blog about it first, instead. Hopefully, there’ll be enough time to write the wedding survival post afterward. So many writing inspirations, so little talent with time management. 


The dream started off really cool. I had my own house, and because I was living alone, I had an inside and outside surveillance camera security system installed, and this system was geared for the blind. It told me if someone was at the front door, or if they were lurking around anywhere else near my house. It could be programed to recognize the faces of my close family members, and anyone else I programmed it to recognize. Then when they came to my door, the security system would say something like, “Your mom is at the front door.” 

It’s AI came already programed to recognize things like, certain uniforms and vehicles. So it could tell me stuff like, “UPS has arrived.”, “Pizza delivery has arrived.”, “A police officer is at your front door.” 

It could also recognize types of animals that could be life threatening. “A bear has entered your back yard.”, for example. 

As awesome and innovative as this talking surveillance system was, its descriptive abilities were still a work in progress. It didn’t describe people’s faces or genders, or weather the person outside of my house was an adult or a child. If it wasn’t programed to recognize someone, it would either just identify them by their uniform or company vehicle, or it would just say, “A person is at your front door.” This flaw wasn’t very reassuring, in case there was an actual home invasion.

If someone broke into the house to rob me or try to kill me, the system would just say, “A person has intruded.” So if the criminal got away, I would have no description of him or her to give to the police. 

The system was also programed to alert me to changes or movements of things inside my house, that happened without my doing, such as, “Your thermostat is rebooting.”, “A paper has fallen.” And it alerted me to things I should take safety precaution to, such as, “Your coffee maker is left on.”, “Your burner is left on.” 

Because this was for the blind, and I lived alone, for the benefit of my own safety, I had to have the inside surveillance cameras installed in every single room of the house. That included the bathroom. 

The dream ended with me sitting on the toilet. I was just relaxing and spacing out, thinking about story plot idea stuff. Then my bathroom surveillance camera said, “A roach is crawling.” 

I cursed at the thing, for being so dam vague with its descriptions. It didn’t tell me exactly where the roach was crawling. Was it crawling anywhere near me? Or crawling towards me? And was it a BIG roach? 

“A roach is crawling… A roach is crawling…” 

Stuck on the toilet, I stomped on the floor, and kicked at the bathtub, hoping the noise would scare the roach away. I banged one fist on the sink and bathroom cabinet, and shook the shower curtain with the other hand. 

“A roach is crawling… A roach is crawling…” 

I woke up kicking and flailing under my gravity blanket. Before being fully awake, I had a second or two of paranoia that the roach might’ve followed me out of my dream-made-up bathroom, and was crawling in my real-life bedroom. 

Then the thought came to mind, “A dream of living in my own house with a talking AI surveillance system, which would probably cost thousands of dollars, if it existed… Hmmmm… Could this be a premonition that my sci-fi drama book series is destined to earn some hot bucks?” 

Then again, nothing would make the future so bright as, if every home could be safe-guarded by AI pest control. 

Love you all! Post you real soon!