📚I had one book published, another is on its way… but I’m not really an author.📚

Hi, strangers. 

I haven’t written any full-length original material in almost three months. Thankfully, my modest little blog has been doing all right living off of re-blogs of my sweet sister’s Let’s Get Published posts. The post about fellow Writers’ Mastermind member, Sarah, has been gaining popularity lately. Thank you all for blessing it with Likes. Can’t wait until her book is available on Amazon! 

Last thing I wrote about was trying a bunch of flavored coffees. There’s more of those coffee adventures to blog about. Such as trying spicy taco coffee, jalapeño coconut coffee, coffee that’s deliberately left to rot a little, before it’s roasted, coffee that tastes like lemony tea, and so on. But as for now, I’m going to be writing about the humbling reality of being a writer. 

After the first version of HECCTROSSIPY  book 1  The Legend of the Land was released in October of 2020, I felt like a real author. Whenever people asked me what I do, I proudly told them, “I’m an author.”, and made it sound like it was what I did for a living. I was more than happy to explain about my YA sci fi & fantasy series as a way of proudly promoting it. Then after an extensively longer-than-planned blogging hiatus, and some disappointing realizations about my level of capability, I humbly surrender to the fact that I’m a writer and not really an author. 

 Writing books is what I’m good at. I LOVE what I do, and I’ll write them until the end of my time, but I absolutely suck at turning what I do into a professional career as an author. 

Pursuing and then maintaining a writing career is like an amazing circus act, juggling writing books, marketing your books, staying consistent on social media, staying consistent with writing your author newsletter, and remembering to regularly change up your author website to keep it interesting. Then there’s those other recommended writerly tasks to help get your name more out there, like blog tours, becoming a guest on pod casts, and writing stories to submit them to magazines and contests. I know some people who are pros at this. Being a mighty task juggling author who can also put out a few books a year is second nature to them because they could do it all, while also juggling their busy, active lives outside of their writing careers. It’s only human nature to envy such talent when I don’t have it, but more power to them. How are they so freaking super?! I can’t imagine myself being able to do what they do, without becoming a sluggish, brain-dead zombi who’s on the verge of dying of exhaustion by 7:00 PM every night.

I have such a raging case of synesthesia, it feels very much like a neurological disability. The only way I could be productive and get things done is to solely focus on doing one task at a time, and keeping my daily agenda extremely simple, all while avoiding as much outside stimulation as possible. The more things I’m involved with, the more my mingled sensory perception gets stimulated, which sends my thoughts and imaginings flying off the handle. This makes my sense of focus and concentration frustratingly brittle, and slows my productivity wwwaaayyy down. If I had a regular day job, a husband and kids and such, I wouldn’t even bother with writing. So the production demanding, multi media demanding juggling act of an author is not for unitaskers like me.    

A lot of authors have a hard time with marketing their book. So do I, but my problem is that I’m blind, and the art of good marketing is visual, visual, visual. Through the years of reading blog posts on blogging and book marketing tips, and studying writing courses, it’s been thoroughly drilled into my head that authors need to keep their websites colorful and catching to the eye. Blog posts should include pictures, different font colors, and other eye catching effects to draw attention. Even social media posts should include images like giffs and funny memes to add personality to your posts when building up your author brand, and the list of visually effective tips goes on. I thought that was bad enough. Then one day, I read a newsletter from an author I follow, and she pretty much said that everything I’d been taught about how to market my books is irrelevant. According to her, promoting your books by doing videos on Tick Tock is the way of book marketing, but not videos of you just talking about your book. Her article talked about making tick-Tock videos with catchy graphics and special effects and that sort of stuff. She even included a link to another author’s Tick-Tock video that went viral, and catapulted her book into becoming a best seller, after it had spent three years unknown by the public. Reading that newsletter, I couldn’t help thinking, “Boy, am I screwed.” The book business was not designed with the blind in mind. (Ha, ha, that sounded Dr. Sues-ish.) 

Along with my “I’m an author.” confidence, back in 2020, I felt even more confident when I actually managed to get the knack of a juggling act. I wasn’t exactly making my presence shine on social media, while writing newsletters and short story submissions while cranking out a new novel every few months, but it was enough of a juggling act to feel proud of. I spent the first week of every month just writing blog posts that were released every weekend. Weekdays for the rest of the three weeks were reserved for working on my second book, and all weekends were for interacting on all my social media outlets. However, this juggling act didn’t last. It was slowing down my WIP to a tedious drag, to the point where writing book 2 felt tedious and not so enjoyable. The one week of blog writing, three weeks of book writing, one week of blog writing, three weeks of book writing had kind of a herky-jerky, stop/start/stop/start/stop/start effect on my brain which made it harder to stay focussed. 

So I tried a different way of juggling, assuming that maybe taking a week off of novel writing duty every month was too big of a time gap. I ditched the week day/weekend block schedule, and tried doing a day solely focussed on writing, a day solely focussed on social media, a day solely focussed on writing, a day solely focussed on social media, and so on, without it mattering what day of the week it was. After enough writing days added up to completing another chapter, I spent the following writing day composing and publishing a blog post. The blog posts became much less consistent, but consistent enough for me to still feel on top of things. I really liked this way of task juggling. It made each day fullfillingly busy and productive, and it made the social media experience more of a fun indulgence, instead of an annoying, author platform building obligation. 

Unfortunately, it didn’t take long to realize that this way of juggling was slowing down my WIP even more, which I didn’t think could be possible since I dedicated a whole day, every other day to it. Increasing my time on social media was the culprit. Dedicating every other day to it machine gunned my brain and neurology with imagined mental movie news clips of information, the colors and tactile vibes of people’s live journaling, the elaborate zoo of colorful creatures made of the names of people and places, book titles, and word prompts, and other trippy things that get conjured up in my isolated world that send my imagination and ruminating thoughts tiradeing like catastrophic weather. This was far more of a disruption to my focus and concentration than when I just spent weekends hanging out on social media, and it greatly impaired my ability to transcribe what was going on in the hHecctrossipy 2 mental movie into the right words. Trying to finish my book was getting as tedious as trying to shuffle across the United States with my legs bound together. (sigh) So I had to change my juggling act, yet again. I didn’t know my brain would be that stubborn about not liking to be lead in multiple directions. 

Throughout the next several months after my debut novel was published, I would go on to changing my author’s juggling act a few more times. My brain may be stubborn, but so am I, and I didn’t want to back down. I also got involved with other things an author should get into, like beta reading total strangers’ books and joining a couple other writing groups.     Maybe all this changing things around was making my blogging and time on social media even less consistent, but I felt that at least I was putting myself out there. 

Meanwhile, man, was I having the hardest time getting my second novel written. I kept re-writing chapters, and revising the book from the beginning, but no matter how much I tweaked and toiled, something just felt lacking. I know this sounds schizophrenic, but I can taste my writing. When It’s just right, it has a salty, fattening, stimulating taste that kind of reminds me of a flavorful salty snack, or a canned food that’s a guilty pleasure. My WIP had a taste that kind of reminded me of bland cereal and plain scrambled eggs with no salt. 

Then an aspiring author who I had been beta reading for was more than happy to return the favor. His hectic life only would allow him to beta read my book one chapter at a time, like how I had been beta reading his. This was fine with me because I was only a little over halfway done with the novel. I had been having the hardest time getting past a certain point of events in the story. I gave the first chapter its fiftieth or so revision, before sending it to him. This inspired me to read all that I had finished as a whole, to see how it sounded when it all came together as a novel. 

I was horrified over how many boring parts it had. There were all-over-the-place dialogues that seemed to drag on for miles, over-explanations of possibilities to solving mysteries, and parts of telling that sounded more like dull rambling. Ugh! Blah, blah, blehhh! I was worried that I lost my edge and my feel for planet Velva Leena. It sounded like a book written by a person who was either bored with her story, or who wasn’t completely sure where it was going, or who was more concerned about bulking up her daily word count. All of those things were true. 

After more than half a year went by since my first novel came out into the world, and after more than a whole year went by since I started working on the second installment, I decided to drop the juggling act all together, and devote a majority of my time, focus, and concentration to righting all the wrongs of book 2, and finishing the dam thing, once and for all. I worked on book 2 with nothing else on the daily agenda aside from meal times, shower time, bed time, the twice-a-week conference calls with the Mastermind group, the occasional short chapter to beta read, and weekend visits with nannie at her nursing home. I didn’t even make time for getting some exercise.

Once I solely focussed on book 2, the struggle ended miraculously! It was amazing. Without social media and writing blog posts to worry about, I was able to get fully submerged into the story. The characters became more alive than ever, and the situations they go through felt like I was living through them too. I was able to really feel the story, and fell devotedly in love with it. I woke up every morning in a positive mood, because I looked forward to another long day spent being one with the joys, pains, and adventures of Artheena, Mell May, Leeandro Paul, and the rest of the cast of characters who live on a planet that’s hundreds of light years away, but feels like a second home to me. Best of all, the right words to transcribe the mental movie came out more cooperatively, and I was getting chapter after chapter done at a much faster pace. Book 2 was tasting better each day. I realized that putting working on my book in a time slot among other mind and sensory stimulating authors’ to-dos had a detrimental effect on my writing. It reminded me of when I wrote the very first rough draft of Hecctrossipy, back in 2017. Sure, it wasn’t nearly as good as today’s version, but I finished a full length novel in six or seven months. During those months, I didn’t blog or write anything else, and was hardly ever on Facebook. 

HECCTROSSIPY  book 2  The Will of the Dark Creator is much closer to being ready to be sent to my editor. The story part is complete, at least, but I’m still working on the Appendix. My beta reader had bought the first book and read it. While beta reading the first sixteen chapters of book 2, he admitted to enjoying it more than book 1. Yeah, must be that salty snack/canned food effect. However, as happy as getting a good book completed makes me, doing what works for me won’t do shit for making book sales. It’s a catch 22 situation. I can’t make any book sales if I don’t put enough time and energy into marketing my book, and working on building up my author platform. But I wouldn’t be selling books either, if I don’t put enough time and energy into writing books and perfecting them to the fullest. I especially wouldn’t be selling any books if I took nearly forever to craft a bland-cereal-and-unsalted-scrambled-eggs novel.  

Maybe it’s inspirational, maybe it’s sad, but I still hang on to the hope that I could someday master the juggling act, like other authors. Of course I still want to build an author brand. As for now, I choose just mastering the act of writing novels. The professional part isn’t there, and it might not be for quite some time, but that’s all right. As long as I have my dark cave of a room to write in, loud enough white noise or brown noise to tune out distractions, a functional computer, enough money saved up to pay my editor, a vivid imagination, and no husband, kids, or day job to tend to, it’s all good. Being a writer is my true life purpose.

With three more books to come out with, in the Hecctrossipy series, and its spin-off trilogy, Dark Admiration, Artheena and company have a lot more places to go, people to meet, and life challenges to overcome. So do the characters among the many other books in my ever extending backlist. 

I’ll try my luck at getting my series out there, by going to those sites where authors meet up to read one another’s books and exchange book reviews. Reading books is not that overstimulating. I’ll also try my luck at finding a reasonably priced virtual assistant I could dump the visual, visual, visual marketing workload on, and who’s not uncomfortable about working with a blind person who has less than amazing computer skills. When the second book comes out, I want to do another give-away promotion, like I did in April. So people could download The Legend of the Land for free, and get all caught up on what went on before they buy a copy of The Will of the Dark Creator. Two fat novels for the price of one. Hmmmm, or maybe I’ll do a promotion where, for a whole week, if you buy the second book, you get the first book for free. Is that a little bribe-ish? 

I had recently re-released HECCTROSSIPY book 1  The Legend of the Land as a second edition. It’s the exact same story, but the bulk of facts about planet Velva Leena—which was once the Introduction—had been moved to the back of the book and became part of the Appendix. It’s a well-known fact that people just don’t like info dumps, no matter how interesting or vividly imaginative they may be. And it’s practically a writing tabu to begin your book with an info dump. I feel more optimistic now, that this change will help the first book win readers over, and get them into the series. Then who knows, maybe it could lead to more book sales. As for this moment in my non-career, I’m building my author platform with prayers for a miraculous strike of good luck. 

After toiling over this blog post for a good part of the past three days, it’s time for this unitasker to end it, and go back to writing book 2’s Appendix, and finish the dam thing ONCE AND FOR ALL. 

Love you all! Post you…… 

… sometime… 

Meet Sara Cristia H.J.—Storyteller and Freelance Writer

My second novel’s rough draft is FINISHED!!🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆 Wow, is it going to be GRRRrrrRREAT🐯 to get back to writing blog posts! Thank you, sis, for letting me continuously reblog your posts to keep my blog putt-putt-putt-putt-putting along. Now the time has come once again, to meet another outstanding author from the Writers’ Mastermind. She’s been a member of our group for about a year, and shows up at write-in meetings that sometimes run during crazy hours, according to her time zone, which is seven hours ahead of Eastern Standard time. That’s how dedicated she is.

Meet Sara Cristia H.J., a storyteller and freelance writer who was born in Venezuela and now lives in Lebanon.

Meet Sara Cristia H.J.—Storyteller and Freelance Writer

“There are” Grammatical Expletives Weakening Your Writing—Just Publishing Advice

ALERT‼️ ALERT‼️ To all you writers, you might be botching up what could be your next best seller, and not even know it.

Grammatical expletives are not dirty words, but they can be equally offensive. Grammatical expletives are empty words that take up valuable space and…

“There are” Grammatical Expletives Weakening Your Writing—Just Publishing Advice

Meet Christie Adams—Blogger, Podcaster, Coach, and Author

Hey, faithful followers🤗 I’m tardy again with this reblog. The closer I’m getting to finishing my second novel, the more I have tunnel vision. Here is another super author to look up on Amazon for your next Reading binge. I mean super literally. This woman is something beyond human. A being Who gets all her energy from the infinite stars in the universe, and the universe’s all-mighty Space lightning. Don’t believe me? Read this post and you’ll Believe in super beings too! I also must add that I attended one of her time management lectures, and very much enjoyed it.

Christie Adams is a storyteller, blogger, podcaster and videographer who writes short stories, children’s books, mysteries, thrillers, YA novels, and…

Meet Christie Adams—Blogger, Podcaster, Coach, and Author

Delight your readers with this storytelling trick—Using “The Prestige” by Joseph Sale

Hello blogging family💖 Here is an amazing article from my editor, Jo, who is also a brilliant author, and an all-around hell of a great guy. This is especially good to know if you’re an author who is writing a series.

“The Prestige” is the third act of any magician’s trick, in which what they previously destroyed, returns – to the delight and adulation of the crowd.

Delight your readers with this storytelling trick—Using “The Prestige” by Joseph Sale

Christa Wojciechowski visits Boomers on Books

Praise to Christa Wojciechowski–psychological suspenseAuthor, writing Group leader, blogger, Digital marketer, doting dog mommy, and my dear and loving oldest sister–for conquering her fear of public speaking. Here is her interview for all the world to see, hosted by one of the warmest and personable interviewers I’ve came across in cyberspace. Enjoy…

Christa Wojciechowski, dark fiction author and founder of the Writers Mastermind, talks to Boomers on Books with Vince Stevenson.

Christa Wojciechowski visits Boomers on Books

Meet Sci-Fi and Nonfiction Writer J.A. Cox

Attention blog followers, and those Who were lucky enough to stumble upon this lovely post! I Bring to you another amazing author from my writing group, Writers’ Mastermind!! This guy has a colorful and quirky way of telling a fun and action packed story. I’ve read excerpts from his upcoming book before, posted in our group, and look forward to when his first book in his sci-fi series comes out. Take it away, Christa and Julian!

J.A. Cox is a veteran of the Iraq War, the author of Mastering Your Scenes, and is currently working on his first Sci-Fi trilogy.

Meet Sci-Fi and Nonfiction Writer J.A. Cox

🍂🧡 Let’s talk about coffee💘 My review of Coffee A M’s Fall flavored Coffee Sampler 🧡🍂

This is a series I’ve been wanting to do since March, when I discovered a little hidden gem of an on-line store called Coffee A M. I LLLOOOVVVEEE trying all different flavors and nationalities of unique coffees. However, because of covid, the coffee inventory in my local grocery stores has dwindled, leaving only a small selection of the same old-same olds available. 

Then my stupid, pain-in-the-ass digestive health problems flared up, and I had to switch to decaf, which limited my coffee choices even more. Every time I needed to get more coffee at the store, it was always the same boring thing. I could either have decaf classic roast or decaf house blend, decaf house blend or decaf classic roast. Ugh shoot me! So depressing. Anyone who knows me, knows that I hate having to try to make the best of settling for less more than I hate roaches and mosquitoes. 

One weekend, after another disappointing quest for different decafs, I decided to search the internet for a sign of hope that decaf coffee drinkers don’t have to be stuck in a coffee rut. I looked up flavored decaf coffees, and BAM! I found heaven on Earth. Coffee A M has a hundred or so different kinds of coffees that are also available in decaf! Woohoo! Oh, rejoice! There is a God! 

Their website is easy to maneuver through, AND to my further overwhelming joy, IT’S ACCESSIBILITY USER FRIENDLY!!! YAAAAAAAAAAY!!! Each coffee’s page has an easy-to-use form to fill out, giving you a choice of whole bean, drip grind, french press grind, or espresso grind. Their New Orleans style chicory coffee is the only one I’ve seen that’s not available in whole bean, which makes sense. Not all of the coffees’ forms, but a good enough number of them, offer the choice of regular or decaf. And most of the coffees are available in three different bag sizes—half-pound, one-pound, or five-pound. You also have the choice to get your chosen coffee once, or subscribe for that same coffee to be delivered to your home or office routinely. As a bonus, you could even customize your coffee, by adding a 25-character message on the coffee bag. How cool is that? 

Your coffee is freshly made, once they receive your order. You have a choice of which delivery service you want to use, but their default delivery service—Fedex Home Delivery—has been good enough for me. I’ve been getting my yummy fresh coffee within only two to three days. 

Aside from coffee, they have other cool products—different types of coffee makers, smoothie mixes, hot chocolate mixes, loose leaf teas, instant iced coffee mixes, single-serve coffees, and the list goes on. I even came across a couple types of whip cream makers. 

Such an amazing variety of stuff and variety of coffee really tickles the fancy of my inner maximalist. I want to try everything. EVERYTHING! Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ! With so many flavors of coffee to choose from, the best way to try more flavors at once is to order their sampler packs. The first sampler pack I cracked open is their Fall Flavored Coffee Sampler. This consists of a half-pound bag of each of these flavors—nutmeg spice, pumpkin spice, caramel apple, southern pecan, Vermont maple pecan, and crème brûlée. Here is my review for each of these flavors. 


NUTMEG SPICE: five stars 

This flavor was love at first try, but I loved it even more when I made it a second time. I don’t know if it’s the lining of the heat sealed bags they use, but sometimes the flavors taste better a couple days or so after you opened the bag. When I tried this coffee when it was freshly opened, the smell was incredible, and it tasted like a yummy, cozy spiced coffee. However, I was the slightest bit disappointed that it didn’t taste exactly like its name. The nutmeg aroma was noticeable, but the nutmeg flavor didn’t stand out among the other baking spice flavors. When I made a pot of this coffee a week later, the nutmeg both smelled and tasted Pleasantly stronger, I just love, love, love the combination of coffee and autumn spices together. Coffee A M’s nutmeg spice coffee is the ultimate comfort drink. I’ll most definitely be ordering this flavor again in the future. 


PUMPKIN SPICE: four stars 

Oh, this coffee smelled so delicious, I wanted to take a spoon, and start eating the grounds right out of the bag. Then come to find out, the smell was more aromatic than the pumpkin spice taste. Even after the second try. The pumpkin taste kind of stands out, along with caramelly hints of sugar and molasses, but there’s a lack of spiciness. It’s like pairing a cup of top quality coffee with a bland piece of pumpkin pie. I mean, it’s still good and I enjoy it, but it could be better. Would I get it a second time? Not sure. 


CARAMEL APPLE: once five stars, now four stars 

I had tried this flavor individually, and loved it so much. It was appley and caramelly, and oh so addictive. I looked forward to having seconds on this flavor, when I ordered the autumn sampler. Caramel apple was an instant “flavorite” that I didn’t think I could ever get sick of. So much so that I entertained the idea of ordering an additional one-pound bag of it. Phew! Now I’m glad I didn’t. The second time around had me feeling jipped. The yummy, buttery caramel flavor is there, but they really, really reduced the apple flavoring. Now there’s just a tease of an apple taste. It’s still good and I still enjoy it, but it used to be better. What the hell happened??? Was this an official recipe change? Or is it one of those things where each batch of coffee might taste different, depending on who prepares your order? Or worse—Are they doing the dastardly stereo typical business bullshit, by skimping on certain flavorings to stretch them out in order to cut costs, or increase prophet? After I post my complainttive review, I’ll give this flavor one more try. If it still doesn’t taste like the way it used to, I just won’t order it again. I don’t consider myself a coffee connoisseur. Maybe more like a coffee diva. If it says caramel apple flavored coffee, I want it to taste like caramel apple flavored coffee. Not caramel flavored coffee with a little touch of apple. 


SOUTHERN PECAN: four stars 

The smell of this coffee was drool-worthy. Like top quality coffee and real, freshly roasted pecans. However, like with the pumpkin spice, the aroma was more there than the taste. It is a really good coffee, but the pecan flavor is more of an after-taste. This is another flavor I’m not sure if I’d get again. 



Oh, bleck! What the heck?! Please tell me the person who prepared my order goofed on this one. Maybe that person was a trainee? There’s a pecan flavor and a weird flavor that doesn’t taste at all like maple. It doesn’t taste like something that’s meant to be a coffee flavoring at all. Before I open my coffees, I always smell them through that sniffing circle thing on the front of the bag, and this one didn’t smell right. However, I wasn’t going to be judgmental, thinking back on the time when I ordered Coffee A M’s New Orleans style chicory coffee. At first sniff, it smelled like a combination of coffee and punky pet store smell. But when I tried it, it tasted awesome. This didn’t happen with the Vermont maple pecan coffee. It smells and tastes like roasted pecans, humid outside air, and a hint of an indistinguishable Chemicaly taste. Perhaps the maple flavoring had expired and they didn’t realize it? I didn’t die after drinking it, or get sick, or hallucinate that I was Ronald McDonald, here to defend the planet from evil, french fry eating, Martian tennis players. I gave it two stars because, as weird and funky as it is, this flavor is at least palatable. I decided to drink it anyway, because I would hate to throw it away. These coffees are not cheap. After several tries, I got acclimated to the flavor. I just imagine that it’s coffee flavored with pecans that were imported from another Galaxy. I would give this flavor one more try, just out of Curiosity. Did I get a blooper batch? Or is this flavor just no good? 


Crème brûlée: five stars 

Yum! Yum! Yum! Yum! Yum! This wouldn’t have been a flavor that I would’ve ordered individually, because I’ve had it before many-a-times, and it’s become quite common. Even among the grocery stores’ limited inventory, there’s usually at least one or two brands available in this flavor. I mainly ordered the Fall Flavored coffee sampler, because I wanted to try the nutmeg spice and Vermont maple pecan, and I wanted seconds on caramel apple. I wasn’t as stoked about the mainstream pumpkin spice, southern pecan, and crème brûlée flavors, but I wanted to try them anyway, because I never had Coffee A M’s version of them. And what in the world does crème brûlée have to do with autumn? Who cares! I’m so glad it was included in the sampler! I never would’ve expected to love it this much. It’s the best flavor out of the six. Even better than nutmeg spice. Through the sniffing circle, the aroma was absolutely tantalizing. As I opened the bag, and then brewed a pot, the smell grew more and more mouth watering. Like fresh brewed, top quality coffee and a freshly made, decadent, sweet, sinful indulgence.. And the taste… Oh, the taste! Wow! Holy crap! Hot diggety dam! Mmmmm, mmmmm, MMMMM!! It tasted like a mixture of high-end coffee with a caramelized sugar and vanilla accented, rich and creamy baked dessert taste. Now this is what I call flavored coffee. 

I’ve read the reviews for many flavors, while browsing through Coffee A M, many of which I haven’t tried yet. I’ve seen a good number of reviews where a customer loves a coffee, because it has just the right hint of flavoring. Selfishly, I hope these people don’t get around to the crème brûlée flavor, and ruin it for me. I don’t want a stupid, teasing little hint of flavor. I personally prefer the coffee and its flavoring to come together like an equally balanced flavor duet. Not like the coffee being the lead singer, and the flavoring being just the back-up vocals. Crème brûlée is another one of my Coffee A M flavorites, and I would most definitely, 100%, absolutely positively get it again. If you love flavorful flavored coffee, BUY… THIS… COFFEE!! 

Have a great weekend, everybody, and happy 4th of July to all you fellow Americans! 

Love you all! Post you soon!      

🥸 Deception Flower 🥸

Leeandro Paul, the villain in my HECCTROSSIPY series, has a passion for writing and performing music, and a fascination with deception flowers. Despite his talent, sex appeal, and the way he treats his fans like they’re all his friends, there’s a hidden agenda behind all that party-guy friendliness. 

The deception flower is a species of butterfly that lives deep in the tropical forests of Continent 15. They have bright yellow wings, and look like the typical, colorful tropical butterfly, but it’s their cocoons that make them different than the rest. The cocoons, which they build on wild cacti, look convincingly like the same feathery, fuzzy purple flowers that the species’ of cacti grow. When the butterflies break free, the cocoons instantly dissolve into microscopic crumbs, making it appear that the purple flowers magically turned into a bursting cloud of yellow butterflies. 

To witness this phenomenal show of nature is rare among vervetts, grungols, and Guardians, because these butterflies usually break out of their cocoons a little after sunrise. A time when most grungols have gone to bed, and most vervetts and Guardians would find it too early to be hunting and gathering in the forest. 

Leeandro Paul had written a song about the deception flower, which became a popular hit in Music clubs and concert halls all over Continent 15—But was he really singing about butterflies? Here is the song, which is featured in HECCTROSSIPy  book 2  The Will of the Dark Creator


I never gave my heart to a flower before 

But you make the exception 

creation of pure beauty 

Beautiful deception” 

“So gentle, and so sweet, like a soft hatchling bird 

And as brilliant as a jewel, 

Creation of illusion 

Everyone is a fool” 

“They will only see your spread of lies 

As a bright burst of harmless butterflies 

Creation of two faces 

A creature in disguise…” 

“Even genius minds could fall for your trickery 

Eyes are just a seeing tool 

My favorite deception flower 

Everyone is a fool… 

Everyone is a fool…”

Meet multi-genre author Patty Lesser

Time to meet another cool author from my writing group, Writers’ Mastermind👏 i’m reading one of her books right now, and it’s a pretty crazy story.👻🔒

Member Monday: Patty Lesser has backpacked the world, plays Texas hold ’em, and writes everything from murder mysteries to scifi to dark paranormal …

Meet multi-genre author Patty Lesser