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Hello fellow bloggers, and those who are also authors. 

I FINALLY came up with a blurb for book 2, The Will of the Dark Creator! The book has been FIFTEEN months in the making, so it’s about dam time. This is the rough draft of the blurb. I know it probably needs to be shortened, because it’s a little over 400 words. And the ideal blurb is supposed to be under 400 words, right? Here’s what I concocted so far. Let me know what you think… 


The alignment of the three moons is a sign of positive changes to come… 

How come the opposite is happening?… 

This second installment picks up where the first book left off, as the fun and festivities continue at the Hecctrossipy Festival—Continent 15’s yearly tradition that celebrates the victory over a legendary evil monster who had the power to manipulate the elements, and create chaos. However, not everyone is having a good time. 

Artheena has been unexpectedly betrayed by her sister, and cruelly used and disposed of by who she thought was the man she was meant to be with. While Mell May basks in her stolen glory, Artheena is left to figure out how to piece back together her shattered world. 

Shortly after the festival ends, she learns that there are far worse problems to worry about than her broken heart. Jyoseppy—the great entity in charge of the negative side of creation—is taking over other lands on Velva Leena with its catastrophic weather, strange and deadly new diseases, and other dark forces of nature. In a world where the majority supports Jumellica—the great entity in charge of the positive side of creation—even the Guardians can’t figure out how and where the dark creator is getting its steadily increasing power. Continent 15 is one of the few remaining safe havens on the planet—but for how much longer? 

An unknown virus is wrecking havoc among the grungol population. Young vervetts are disappearing without a trace, even while safely inside their own homes. Gruesome killings happen deep within the forest, that are too brutal to have been done by a carnivorous animal. Guardians and villagers have to put up a harder and harder fight to drive Jyoseppy’s destructive forces out of Continent 15. 

Jyoseppy’s dark influences also overshadow the lives of Artheena and her close-knit circle of friends and loved ones. 

Mell May returns to Village 3, alone and mentally unstable. Is she suffering through emotional trauma from being used and disposed of too? Or is it possible that there could be a much more disturbing reason behind her short-lived stardom? 

By the end of this second installment, someone will become a cold blooded killer, another will become a prisoner, and another will die.  

The dark creator’s hecctrossipy may be just a storybook myth, but the great entity’s will to take over all creation isn’t. 

Published by

Bia Bella Baker🌋🌪🌊🌩Proud author of the HECCTROSSIPY series

Author of the HECCTROSSIPY YA Sci-fi Fantasy Series

10 thoughts on “☯️ May I have your opinions? 🥺Pretty, pretty, please? ☯️”

  1. I never understood the need for blurbs. It’s simply a novel summarised in a paragraph, which is just telling me enough so I don’t need to read it. Why are people doing this, that’s what I wanna know.

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    1. Hahaha! 🤣! You are the first person ever, in all of book reading kind, who is anti-blurb! Blurbs aren’t supposed to literally “tell” you what the book is about. They’re supposed to just “kind of give you an idea” of what the book is about. Most readers, (Perhaps every reader besides you, lol) want an idea of what they are getting into, before deciding to invest their Time into a few hundred page novel. I have read and amateurly written blurb that did tell the whole story from beginning to end, and yes, Felt no desire to buy the book. Good blurbs highlight the most interesting parts of the story, but not the complete story, to lure you in into wanting to read the complete story.
      The rough draft blurb I wrote for my second novel has A LOT of what happens in the story not included in it. I’ve been advised to shorten it even more.
      So you would just look at a book’s title and cover, and just blindly dive into it? Maybe that would be fun to try that one day, but on a library book. I couldn’t take that risk on a book I paid for. Do you?

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  2. I love it. The beginning is catchy and mysterious. I just have one suggestion, try to make it a bit shorter. A blurb should be no longer than 200 to 250 words because readers want to browse it quickly to decide whether the book if for them or not.
    Other than that, you’re brilliant!

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    1. The first book is available on Amazon, if you’d like. However, I think I made a mistake by putting an introduction to the planet in the beginning of the book. THE CHILDHOODS OF ARTHEENA, MELL MAY, AND AUDRY part i’ll keep in the front. Sure, readers might find that part a little info dumpy, but it involves Mell May’s backstory of what she suffered through before Artheena’s parents adopted her, which is important for the first three books. But as for the introduction, i’m toying with the idea of having my publishers take the current version down from Amazon, and re-releasing a new version where there’s no introduction, and all those beginning facts about the planet are moved to the back of the book to the book’s appendix. If you get book 1, just skip over the introduction if it’s a little too much.


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