Weirdpress 2

This happened, I swear, for like, the fourth time within the past few months. 

On my last Weirdpress post, I mentioned how I read posts from those who blog less often, on my notifications, and posts from hyper-productive blog blasters, on the WordPress Reader. 

So I was pittling around on WordPress, yesterday, and something told me—perhaps it was my fairy blog mother—to check through my list of blogs I follow. For the fourth time, it seems as though a mischievous digital poltergeist had gotten into my Notification Settings, and turned off new post notifications from EVERYBODY that I read, through my notifications! So I had to swipe through the long-ass list of blog names, and one-by-one, click on those who I read in my notifications, and toggle the New Posts button “on” for each and every one of them. If this happened a few times already, it’s most likely going to keep happening, every so often. Ugh! It’s so annoying! It’s like, because I flip back and forth to read posts from two different sections of WordPress, the thing gets confused. I must either read all blogs on the Reader, or toggle the New Notifications button “on” for the entire infinite number of you that I follow. Or else it “can… not… compute” 

Now I have to remember to check my list of followed blogs, regularly, to make sure the thing doesn’t keep turning people’s new post notifications off on me. Pain in the ass

Anybody else encounter this quirk? 

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8 thoughts on “Weirdpress 2”

    1. You said that you got the reader, right? If you click on notifications, Notification settings should be in the left hand top corner. If it’s not, just swipe around until you find it. Click on notification settings, and it should show a list of blogs that you follow. Click on any of their blog names, and it should take you to a screen where you have a simple set of Notification options. There’s a toggle button for whether or not if you want WordPress to notify you about that bloggers latest post. Below that, there’s another button for whether or not you want that bloggers latest post to be emailed to you. If you keep that button set on, there’s a list below it, where you can select whether you want WordPress to email you every post that that blogger comes out with, as soon as it’s published. Or you could have a post from them emailed to you once a day, or once a week. However, if you turn that “Email me new posts.” button off, the little “Immediately”, “Daily”, “Weekly” selection disappears. The last notification option is a button that says “Email me new comments.” This option makes it the most social media-ish. It’s for whether or not if you want WordPress to email you other peoples comments on the posts you follow.

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  1. I haven’t experienced this newest WP glitch, but then I don’t pay a whole lot of attention to the notifications anyway. There are a number of blogs which I follow and which seem to be unusually silent lately, so I guess I’d better go check my notifications settings. Thanks for letting us know about it.

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  2. Thanks for the heads up. I haven’t yet experienced this though and hope I don’t. It would be such a pain to go through and turn the notifications on for each of the blogs I follow. Wish there was a ‘select all’ button. lol

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