If I was one of the rich and powerful, I would start a movement to, once and for all, END THE DAM TWICE-A-YEAR TIME CHANGE!!!

It’s STUPID, STUPID, STUPID! And there’s no longer any logical reason for it! 

I know we’re on the fall-back time setting now, but first I’m going to talk about Daylight savings. 

I know that it started in the pioneer times, so farmers and factory workers could work longer hours. This profitable time change caught on in places such as Canada, and European countries. But for whatever political or cultural reasons, it didn’t become a global thing. I heard that in the modern times, it’s beneficial for businesses, because consumers supposedly spend more time shopping, and doing other out-of-the-house things when there’s more daylight in the evenings. If the masses and businesses prefer more daylight in the evenings, what’s the point of changing the clocks an hour back, in the fall? We all know that the days naturally get darker, earlier. Why make it darker even earlier? Those pioneer day leaders should’ve just decided that the clocks would be on daylight savings time, all-year-round. I don’t like daylight savings time, but that dicision would’ve made more sense. 

The name “daylight savings” itself is stupid. We’re not saving daylight! Setting the clocks an hour ahead is just taking an hour of daylight away from the morning, and adding it to the evening. So it should be called evening savings time. Human kind doesn’t possess the godly power to slow the rotation of Earth’s northern hemisphere, around Easter time, to prolong daylight! Spring and summer days are naturally longer, yes, but setting the clocks an hour ahead won’t make the days even longer. A spring day in Florida might have 12 hours and 13 minutes of daylight. That same spring day in New Jersey might have 13 hours and 6 minutes. If we set the clocks five hours ahead, it wouldn’t make a difference on how much seasonal daylight nature provides. It’s such an illusion. 

Then when it’s time to change the clocks again, we take an hour of daylight away from the evening, and give it back to the morning. 

Personally, I always liked the fall-back time setting better, because I like more light in the morning. However, if we decided on this time setting year-round, it would start getting light outside, crazy early, during spring and summer. 

In the summer, the earliest the sun rises in Florida is around 6:15. On perminent fall-back time, the earliest sunrise would be around 5:15. I don’t think this would be that hard to get used to. I’ve been to places where early morning looks more like mid morning, and I loved the way it psychosomatically made me feel as though I had a more satisfying sleep. However, a fall-back time setting in the summer may not be too cool, in places further north. 

According to my weather app, The earliest summer sunrise in England, is around 4;45. on perminent fall-back, the sun would be up by 3:45. That might not go over well with the young British folks who like to party until they pass out at 3:00. The weather app says that the summer sun rises in Sweden, at 3:00. On perminent fall-back, the sun would rise at 2:00. Imagine that. Yeesh

On the other hand, if daylight savings time was year-round, it would be a cause for mornings of longer darkness, in the fall and winter. Especially in the northern places. Weather app says that the latest winter sunrise in New Jersey, is around 8:00. On perminent daylight savings, the kids in that state would not only be commuting to school in the dark, they probably wouldn’t see the sun until 2nd period. The sunrise is delayed enough in the winter, in Homer Alaska. Permanent daylight savings wouldn’t allow the sun to come up until it’s almost lunch time. Talk about your body clock getting screwed up. 

So what do you prefer?—Those who live in countries with a twice-a-year time change—Would you rather have more daylight in the morning, or in the evening? 

What annoys me even mor, is that the time changes here are just a little bit different than in the other countries that do it. 

America and the other countries used to be on the same page. We set the clocks an hour ahead, the first Sunday of April, and then we set them an hour back, the last Sunday of October. Or second-to-last, if Halloween was on Sunday. Then in 2005, politicians or whoever, dicided to prolong daylight savings time a smidge, by snipping off a couple weeks of fall-back. I don’t clearly remember the reason, and I don’t feel like looking it up at the moment, but it had something to do with being more beneficial to businesses. Now Americans set the clocks ahead, in late March, and set them back in early November. I resented this, because it took away some of my precious fall-back time. I hate bright sunshine at 8:00 at night. Most importantly, it doesn’t make changing the clocks twice a year, any less STUPID, STUPID, STUPID! It’s also unhealthy for our sleep cycles, and a lot of people resent it. 

So come on, America, Canada, Germany, Great Britain, and all other countries that begrudgingly have to adjust to a time change, twice a year. Let’s all unite together, agree on ONE time setting, and STICK WITH IT!!! 

Love you all! Post you next weekend!    

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