Blue Hurricanes (a short story)

  I watched every single person on Earth die.  

  Yes, armageddon had finally come true, but only for humans. It wasn’t literally the end of the world. Animals and plants, small, large, and microscopic, survived through the whole ordeal just fine. And of course, so did I. 

  This world wide mass humanacide all started with tropical storm Daisy. Daisy was far out into the ocean, and seemed to be non threatening. However, this was hurricane season in the eastern United States, and any freak weather disaster could happen, especially when the whole darn atmosphere is all chemically imbalanced.(thanks to people) Nobody ever expected Daisy to power up so quickly, gaining speed and strength in 27 minutes, and then zooming strait for Florida, as though it deliberately intended to. Then Daisy, now a Category 2 hurricane, raged through most of Florida. It happened so frighteningly quick, people in high-risk areas didn’t have time to get prepared, or evacuate. A lot of Floridians tried to evacuate, but they only caused a lot of angry honking gridlock.  Many others decided to stay where they were, and ride out the storm. 

  The state of Florida became one big thumb-shaped insane asylum. There was panic, and religious hysteria, and riots, and road rage. Ugh, you know how people are. 

  Then the insanity multiplied a thousand fold, when it was noticed—not just in Florida, but by meteorologists all over the world— that hurricane Daisy was glowing. The glow was an unexplainable shade of bold, deep royal blue. Now this REALLY ruffled humanities’ feathers. Folks like scientists, meteorologists, satellite operators, and even psychic mediums were scrambling their brains and putting in all their efforts to try to figure out what the hell was going on. They couldn’t. 


I didn’t want them to. It would’ve only made all the global panic so much worse. 

Although,, it was amusing to hear people’s imaginative theories on why hurricane Daisy glowed blue. Such as…, Some thought the strange glow might be from Florida’s millions of city lights reflecting off of humidity and air pollution, and that this reflection of light showed within the hurricane.  

  Some feared that the blue glow might be a toxin, and the  freak weather was a bio-terrorist attack. 

  My favorite theory was the silly heads who came up with the idea that, maybe when Daisy was out in the ocean, she sucked up a whole bunch of blue ocean water, and  bioluminescent algae. 

Then the global drama exceeded all the more.

  The next day, hurricane Daisy had multiplied. Two more fully formed Category 2 hurricanes came swirling out of Daisy, as though she was literally a “she”. A living thing who became a mother. One hurricane offspring headed north, traveling towards Georgia and the Carolinas. The other headed south towards Cuba. Then low and behold, these hurricanes also turned glowing blue. Oh, the mayhem this caused. Boy, did I get one heck of a splendid reality show, starring a cast of billions…  

…And the plot only thickens. 

The mother hurricane’s offspring multiplied, producing four more blue hurricanes. Then those four produced eight more, and those eight produced sixteen more, and so on. Within a span of four days, these blue hurricanes covered most of Earth’s sky. While on land, people of every country and language ranted and cried out questions, such as… 

“Is God punishing us?” 

“Did  so many decades of destroying the environment  finally catch up with us?” 

  “Is this part of a top secret, government science experiment?” 

“Is this the coming of Judgement Day?” 

“Did everything going wireless somehow screw up the atmosphere?”

“Why is this happening?” 

  All over the world, there were floods, landslides, and power outages. But all and all, the blue hurricanes’ mass destruction was minor, compared to most normal hurricanes. 

  On the fifth day, a terrifying epidemic started. In every country all over the world, people were dying in their sleep. With every passing hour, dozens, then hundreds, then thousands and hundreds of thousands were falling asleep, and never waking up. 

  While this universal tragedy was going on, these freaky hurricanes were exhibiting a fresh new mind boggler. Those still living, saw occasional bolts of bright turquoise lightning. 

By the sixth day, 1,234,683,429 people had died in their sleep. 

A majority agreed to the conclusion that the air in Earth’s atmosphere had turned toxic. Many made foolish, but thoughtful attempts at survival, by foraging hospitals, and medical supply warehouses, for tanks of oxygen, and oxygen masks. Some even found access to science laboratories, and toxic waste removal facilities, and gathered hazmat suits. Surviving security guards and police officers didn’t arrest anyone for this, or do anything to stop them. Nobody anywhere cared about things like, burglary, and how much of the stolen things will insurance pay to replace. The only thing that people cared about, was to stay alive. 

People everywhere put their cultural and religious differences aside, and prayed together for their lives, and for the lives of their remaining friends and loved ones. 

By the seventh day, all 8,798,765,936 human beings were dead. 

The mystery of the glowing blue freak hurricanes had remained unsolved… 

Only to those 8,798,765,936 members of the human race, that is. 

The one simple answer to people’s bazillions of questions was: This was all an alien invasion. 

There was no mysterious deadly toxin in the air. So many hurricanes going on at once, made Earth’s air cleaner than it had been in centuries. It was the aliens that did away with humanity. 

  Every science fiction geek’s worst nightmare had finally came true. except that this alien invasion was more like a sneak attack, but it wasn’t much of an attack either. There was no battle. So it was more like a sneak swiping. 

  Humanity never saw what was coming, because these mass murderers are beings made of pure energy. Not any kind of electrical energy. Or not the common universal energy that people gave all kinds of different names: vibes, chi, reiki, curses, mojo, the force(speaking of sci-fi) These beings’ energy doesn’t exist on Earth. 

  The beings, their space crafts, and everything inside their crafts was made of this energy, which they can easily manipulate at will. This powerful, interchangeable, self sufficient energy couldn’t be perceived by any of the human senses, while in its natural form.

  These beings don’t go by any particular name. they’d gone by countless names, as they lived on worlds all over the infinite universe, within their lifetimes. Lifetimes that could last millions of Earth years. 

  The sneak swiping started with Tropical storm Daisy. Their space craft, which was invisible to humans, landed just on top of the storm. They used their craft’s powerful energy to speed up the storm, and turn it into a hurricane. Then they steered it towards Florida, making their invasion appear to be part of hurricane season. 

  The energy of the craft and the energy of Daisy fed off of one another until craft and hurricane merged together as one. Becoming one with the solids, liquids, and gases  that make up the human perceptible hurricane, made the space craft partially materialize. This was what caused the hurricane to glow blue. 

  Then two more of these undetected spacecrafts came to Earth. So the first batch of invaders conjured up two more hurricanes for the other two groups to use. So then these other two groups of invaders did the same merging their crafts with the hurricanes, making them also glow blue. More and more crafts came, and formed into more and more blue hurricanes.  

They used the strategy of merging their crafts with Earth’s hurricanes, so they could cover over all human inhabited land in as short of a time as possible. A whole Earth’s sky crowded full of hurricanes was the best way to make humans want to stay put in their homes, or huddled up in other places that seemed safe.  This only  made them a whole  lot easier to target. 

The craft powered hurricanes were kept no more powerful than Category 2, because the beings didn’t want them to get too destructive. If they wanted Earth for themselves, of course they weren’t going to trash the place. The damages done by the blue hurricanes were easily reparable. at least to the invaders. 

  Once they accomplished covering all of Earth’s sky, and discouraged the human majority from venturing out of safety. It was time for the killing to begin.

  The beings released their deadly devices from their craft/hurricanes. If human eyes could’ve seen this, it would look like the glowing blue hurricanes were raining translucent giant black spiders. The spidery legs of these devices could easily burrow into human heads, and gather up all the thoughts, dreams, memories, and many other awesomely complex things that make up the human conscience. Once the conscience is firmly gripped by all legs, the device could remove it from the human’s body. Then the human is dead. This was why all humans painlessly died in their sleep. 

  The turquoise lightning was another merging of energies. The beings merged with Earth’s lightning, and used it to beam down to land. What appeared to be turquoise lightning to people, was really hundreds of thousands of these beings beaming down all at once, in the same location. 

  It wasn’t the human race that they wanted to get rid of, in order to take over Earth. It was the humans’ living consciousness that they wanted to remove. So they could take the humans’ physical bodies for themselves, and then take over Earth.

  On the seventh day, all dead bodies had resurrected. All the hurricanes died off, and uncovered a refreshed, pure blue sky. The energy made spacecrafts were easily recycled into many other useful things. Then the resurrected humans carried on with their new lives. 

 Unlike humans, these beings can live with or without their consciousness being imbedded in a solid physical body. However, for better energy rejuvenation and longevity, it’s necessary for them to live within physical forms, every 10,000 or so years. Once they take over the bodies, they live as the physical beings for the rest of the beings’ natural life span. After that, their energy is reinvigorated, and they go back to living as forms of pure energy.  

Now I’ll explain why I just sat there, and watched this happen to humanity, and didn’t do squat about it.

I am the collective consciousness of everything in nature, and the intelligence behind creation and destruction, and the endings and beginnings of all there is and all there will be, in every single universe. 

I was also known as, “God” 

When it came to the human race, I did what was necessary. 

By doing nothing. 

  I watched every single person on earth die, but it was only the death of the human race, according to the 8,798,765,936 souls who were forced to exit Earth.  

Then I watched every single person on this earth come back to life. It was a win/win solution for both species of beings.  While the energy beings were getting recharged, as they lived in the stolen human bodies. They used their knowledge gathered from thousands of physical life experiences all over the universe, to improve earth and humanity. For example, they eliminated disorders, like autism spectrum disorder, and learning disabilities, which were getting common enough to become a threat to the future of humankind. They cleaned up and repaired all of the damage that was done to Earth’s environment. They also rewired the stagnant human temperament, and changed it to no longer being self centered and egotistical, and with no more social rankings of gender, race, and status. Best of all, those who had stolen young human bodies, lived on to reproduce. Then after the energy beings left their old and warn out physical bodies, the improved human race continued on existing. 

  If I stopped those energy beings from invading and taking over Earth: Those 8,798,765,936 original members of the human race wouldn’t have had there lives cut so unexpectedly short,  which would’ve been a good thing for a majority of only them. Then, as more generations would’ve been born, humanity would’ve remained set in its ways. War, greed, corruption, and intolerance would continue on with its vicious, repetitive cycle. Humankind would slowly and sufferingly drive their own species into extinction. After their demise, billions of lives among other species would suffer the consequences of human’s senseless actions. And Earth would’ve become a hostile, gruesome living hell.  

This was all set in motion, by my most basic law of nature. It’s the reason why Earth has a food chain, and why stars and planets can’t be created without other stars dying first. 

In order for life to continue, life has to be taken. 

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Bia Bella Baker🌋🌪🌊🌩Proud author of the HECCTROSSIPY series

Author of the HECCTROSSIPY Series

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