Ooo! I got an idea!I’ll start blogging, for a third time!(The Conclusion)

This novel of mine, that I wanted to get out there, has since been divided into two books—HECCTROSSIPY 1: The Legend of the Land,  and HECCTROSSIPY 2: The Legend of the Land Lives Again.  These first two books are the beginning of a YA fantasy series that takes place on a preindustrial planet, called Velva Leena. This first part of the complex, plot twisty story includes things like, unique psychic abilities, crime, romance, hints of apocalyptic things to come, hellish alien weather, and lots of extra terrestrial soap opera drama. 

The story takes place at a tropical paradise called Continent 15. (The people on this planet number their land, instead of naming it.) Religion doesn’t exist there either. However, Velva Leenans do believe in two faceless, genderless entities that share their world, and are in charge of its creation. Jumellica is the positive side of creation, and Jyoseppy is the negative side. 

Legend has it that, long ago, Jyoseppy got tired of sharing Velva Leena with Jumellica. So it created a monster called the hecctrossipy, who could double the strength of its dark powers. Jyoseppy and its hecctrossipy were going to drive Jumellica out, and claim Velva Leena for themselves. Long story short, the evil entity and its monster had the powers to conjure up violent storms, fire, tsunamis, and other kinds of chaos and destruction. But they were out numbered by those on the good entity’s side, and their power was no match for the power of everybody’s love for Jumellica. So the hecctrossipy was destroyed, and Jyoseppy had to step down, and accept that it needed to coexist with Jumellica, for its own good. Velva Leenans believe that, if one entity rules their world, without the other, it would throw creation off balance. The lone entity’s energy would ware out until the entity dies, and Velva Leena would die with it. 

It’s 8,000 years later. By now, the hecctrossipy is believed to be only a myth. The story about it has become similar to a children’s fairy tale, and part of Continent 15’s culture. Every year, the Hecctrossipy Festival is held. Celebrating Jumellica’s brave Warriors, who defeated the hecctrossipy, and saved the world. It’s really just an excuse to celebrate. Nobody actually believes that there was really a hecctrossipy, unless they’re mental. In some versions of the tale, the hecctrossipy’s last words before it dies, is a threat that it will come back to life, someday. But nobody in their right mind would believe in that. It’s just a children’s bedtime story… 

There’s so much more to the story than that. Too much to one-finger double-tap blogs about, on my phone. So I started blogging a dream journal. 

Why not? Dream journals are easy. There’s no extra exertion on the brain, because the sub conscience does all the thinking. Then all you have to do is write down what you remember. Dreams are such a fascinating adventure into the unknown, where you often don’t know what outlandish thing will happen next. The Dream Dimension blog was so much fun to write… 

For the first couple of posts. 

I had the WordPress log-in uninstalled from my computer, thinking that it was useless. Fortunately, the mobile version was easier to work with, than it was the year before. Each blog took about 1 to 3 hours to one-finger double-tap, but I was used to taking longer at completing something. If more than 3 hours went by, and the blog still wasn’t finished, I saved the draft, and finished it the next day. I used Dictate too, which kind of helped move things along. Depending on how cooperative and not hearing impaired the thing was. 

It wasn’t long before double-tapping those blog posts were taking over my life. So I invited an old friend from high school, to be a part of The Dream Dimension, thinking that it would be nice to have an additional wild brain to take over for me, when I wanted to skip blogging for a week. 

My friend, who went under the pseudonym Indigo Moonflower, has an awesome imagination. She writes fan fiction stories on What Pad, and was in the process of writing a few cool sci-fi stories. Plus, her dreams are more vivid and outlandish than mine. So I was happy that she agreed to be a part of the blog. Christa and I gave her the information she needed to log into my WordPress account, and she was all set. 

Then nothing happened.  

After about a month of blogging, I started resenting it. At the time, I also had the idea that responding to other bloggers’ posts was impossible, because digital devices have a tendency to bring out my inner bimbo. All I had to do was, go to the Reader, on my WordPress app, and see all the same blog posts that had came in my e-mail. Then hit the “like” button to like someone’s post, and hit the “comments” button to comment on someone’s post. DUH. Instead, I tried to connect with other bloggers through my e-mail, one-finger double-tapping style. The text fields that popped up, for writing comments, and for logging into WordPress were very touchy. Every time I did a one-finger left-to-right swipe to read back what I wrote, the text field would collapse. Then I’d have to double-tap it back open. The user name and e-mail address I typed in was always somehow wrong too. So I got all frazzled, and gave up. 

One day, when I was having a hell of a time getting my latest dream post finished, I stupidly changed my blog, on impulse. Trickling Tales it was called. The idea was to post short stories, one or two paragraphs at a time. This change only lasted one post. I was too sick of doing such tedious, time consuming work that was going nowhere. I decided to quit blogging again, and put more time and effort into the Hecctrossipy series. I had already started working on the next installment,, and my pitiful struggle to be a blogger was slowing down the book writing process too much. 

So I killed The Dream Dimension. I deleted the name and tag line, and took down every post. Then I made it hidden. I didn’t think I would get back to it, ever again. Three or four months after i killed my blog, Indigo Moonflower was ready to make her debut. 

Now it’s not even a year later, and here I am, blogging again! The Hecctrossipy series is up to book 4, but the first book hasn’t even found a publishing home yet. I’ve been told that literary agents are more impressed, when they see that you ar  actively involved in blogging, and other social media sites. 

Good old Christa has came up from Panama to visit, for the month. Every time she visits, she helps me, and the rest of the family with our technology problems. Last week, she reinstalled my WordPress log-in, and taught me how to write a blog post, on Pages, and then copy and paste it onto WordPress. I actually was able to do it! Now I can blog, without getting a spastic back, achey butt, and adhesive thighs! I can’t thank you enough, big sis! 

I decided to have this third-time-charm be a normal blog, but with a short story posted, every once in a while. A completed short story. Now that I know what I’m doing, I’m excited to finally go out into the blogging world, and meet other writers, and all kinds of other blog people!… 

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Bia Bella Baker🌋🌪🌊🌩Proud author of the HECCTROSSIPY series

Author of the HECCTROSSIPY Series

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