🎆 Is this book a firework? 🎇 A sparkler? 🫠 Or a lit fart? 🎆Bia Bella Book-Hoarder #7

Hello blog followers! Hello anyone else on WordPress who might’ve randomly plopped onto this site! 

It’s that special time again where I do my special way of reviewing a book. Today I’m going to talk about THE DIVINE: UNLOCKING THE MAGICAL CREATOR WITHIN by Joseph Sale and whether the book is a firework(4 to 5 stars), a sparkler(3 stars), or a lit fart(1 to 2 stars). Joseph Sale is known for his weird and wild, but often shockingly macabre fiction novels that involve far-fetched monsters, different dimensions, a colorful mix of insane people and untrustworthy deities, and hallucinogenic prose. (The Illuminad series is my fav!) THE DIVINE is his first non fiction book. 

I got to ask Jo about this, but for some odd reason, this book wasn’t on Goodreads. So I had to get the blurb from Amazon. 



by: Joseph Sale 

  • Unlock your true creative potential with occult secrets…

    If you are a writer suffering from burn out, struggling to improve your craft, wondering why no one rates your books, or why none of the online courses seem to work, then this book will help you solve the riddle. The necessary change to unlock your true potential is not external but internal, and Joseph Sale is here to show you how to make that change.

Joseph Sale has been an author for over a decade and published more than 30 books, including the acclaimed novel Dark Hilarity, the epic poem Virtue’s End, as well as ghost-written best-selling autobiographies and non-fiction books. As an editor, his clients have been nominated for the Bram Stoker and Splatterpunk Awards, been finalists in the National Indie Excellence and Eric Hoffer Awards, and even submitted to the Pulitzers.

However, on the 29th September, 2020, Sale had a mystical experience in Glastonbury that changed everything. At a moment of profound despair, burn out, and hopelessness, an angel appeared to him, pierced him with the spear of archangel Michael, and gave him new purpose.

Now, Joseph Sale is on a quest to manifest the beautiful and divine in the world, and wants to show other creators, editors, and writers how to do just that. The Divine is an enchiridion that aims to unlock the blockages that stop writers from channelling true divine inspiration. It also includes some of Sale’s most acclaimed non-fiction essays and never-before-printed material on the 5-Act Structure.

Get ready to open your mind and heart to a divine revelation and unlock the true power of your inner magical self.

Praise for the author

“One of the most stirring books on the art of writing I’ve read.”

—Christa Wojciechowski, author of OBLIVION BLACK and Founder of WRITER’S MASTERMIND

“Sale has taught me a lot as an editor and the main thing I’ve gleaned from his brilliance is pacing and story structure.”

—Ross Jeffery, Bram Stoker Award Nominated Author of TOME and ONLY THE STAINS REMAIN

“Theory and practice are often poles apart in writing advice, but not in Joe Sale’s approach to writing. In short, he will set you free to create and craft your best story. I know this because he helped me do the same.”

—Dan Soule, author of WITCHOPPER, SAVAGE, and THE ASH

“I approached Joe Sale to assist with editing and formatting my first three books. He gave me a high-quality impartial service, assisting with advice and direction on all manner of writing styles, formatting, cover design and general lay-out. I cannot thank him enough for his assistance and direction. I would highly recommend any new authors contact this man – you will not regret it!”


“Joseph Sale helped rewire my whole novel-writing mindset. When we started working together, my first novel was a mess of clunky sentences, melodramatic characters, and more commas and adverbs than there are stars in the galaxy. Thanks to his support and encouragement, his helpful and informative writing advice, and his knit-picky editing that sometimes tested my sanity, I can write a story and make it into a good book too.”

—Bia Bella Baker, author of the HECCTROSSIPY series


Ah gese. At the time I gave him that quote of praise, I didn’t think I would end up having my book temporarily pulled out of Amazon. I hope that my quote being up there isn’t an embarrassment, because what if it looks like I’m a fake author name with a false series title. There is a real Bia Bella Baker. She wrote this blog post. And I am the author of the HECCTROSSIPY series. The books are just still hanging out in my computer.  

So anyhow, before I get to the review, let me tell you a little about life with the infamous dark fantasy/horror writer. 

I know the author personally. He’s my editor and a good friend, and has gradually wiggled his way into pretty much becoming a part of my family. Okay, that’s not really how it went down. My sisters and I kind of passed him along among us. First, he and Christa met on Twitter, and they eventually got to helping one another with each other’s books.. Then she set me up to work with him on my series. (It WILL exist!) Then she and I had recommended him to Gina, who has an up-coming children’s book. Gina, the aspiring proof reader, helped Jo with one of his books. He even got acquainted with my brother-in-law, Gina’s husband, Carlos. So we three sisters have a warm and fuzzy, writerly book nerd relationship with him. He’ll grace us with his presence almost every Monday, showing up to our Writers’ Mastermind Zoom meetings. 

We also have a weird, sort of psychic, sort of telepathy thing going on with him. I forgot if Jo said it or Christa, but one of them said something about how anyone who works with him will experience some form of psychicish activity. If that’s so, I wonder if the same goes for his friends and family members, and anyone else who associates with him. I had my share of spooky little incidents throughout the five years I’ve known him. I told him one time in an email, “You creep me out sometimes.” 

He was amused. 

For example, there was this one weekend when he crossed my mind, but as he did, I got this strongly negative feeling. It was like a very unhappy, down-in-the-dumps kind of feeling. By this point in our relationship, I’d had several moments of psychic with him, so I knew the sudden unhappy feeling wasn’t me developing a mood disorder out of nowhere. I just knew that something had gone wrong for him on that particular day. 

During the writing group meeting, the following Monday, he told us about how badly his weekend went. He and his friends had lost a bunch of good footage from a movie project they were working on. Not only was it accidentally deleted for good, due to some stupid technical mishap, the scenes they did couldn’t be redone, because they mixed in a lot of improvising with the script. He was so pissed off and beside himself over this. 

On another spooky occasion, I had a very vivid dream, one night, that Jo wrote a book where the story involved a labyrinth. When I told him about my dream, the next day, even he got spooked. He said that he woke up that morning, thinking about a new story idea that involved a labyrinth, and wrote the word labyrinth on a piece of paper. 

My favorite psychic incident—and I think this one is by far the creepiest—is when my sub conscience knew what Jo looks like, even though I never saw him in my waking life. 

Being that I’m blind, it would make sense for me to ask people what they look like, but I don’t. Maybe it’s a prudy, neurotic hang-up, but openly asking someone to describe their physical appearance for me would feel like I’m invading their personal space. The only time I’ll ask about someone’s appearance is if other people are talking about it, or if the person themself is talking about their hair or the shape of their nose and things like that. Otherwise, it would feel as inappropriately too personal as if you, the sighted person, were on a video call with a purely platonic friend or a co worker, and you ask them to describe what they smell like. I met Jo over the phone, which is totally not the place for a woman to ask a man what he looks like. 

Jo started making appearances in my weird dreams in 2018, shortly after we started working together. He appeared as tall and fare skinned with kind of a high forehead. His eyes were brown, but not like a chocolate or honey shade of brown. I saw it as a more soft shade. His hair was a color that, at the time, I wasn’t sure how to identify. It looked somewhere between a lighter brown and a darker blond. I didn’t give these dream appearances a second thought, assuming this was just the dream-made-up version of him. That my visually thinking, vividly imaginative writer brain was just fabricating an image to go with the young British male voice. 

A little more than a year goes by, and I’m having coffee one morning while Christa, who was visiting from Panama, was doing stuff on her computer. She got a Facebook notification that it was Jo’s and his wife, Michelle’s birthday. She remarked how cute their pictures are and what a cute couple they are, because not only do they have the same birthday, they have the same coloring. Always being the curious type, I asked what colors they are. She said that they both have fare skin and dirty blond hair. The dream image of Jo with the fare skin and in-between hair color flashed into my mind, and I nearly dropped my coffee. However, the creepiness of psychically knowing what he looks like had disappointingly toned down when it seemed my subconscious got his eye color wrong. More time went by, and it was March of 2020. The Writers’ Mastermind was born into the social media world, and all we new members had a group picture taken with all our cute little heads in the Zoom video squares. Christa described all the other members’ faces in the picture. When she got to Jo, she said his eyes are greenish blue. 

Then when I was reading THE DIVINE:UNLOCKING THE MAGICAL CREATOR WITHIN, there was an essay where Jo described his eyes as dull brown orbs. “Your eyes are brown?!” I yelled out loud at the book. Then I immediately had to pee. And speaking of his book, let’s get around to the review. 

Yes, he’s a friend of mine, and has given me unwavering support through the many trials and tribulations of this pursuit that I can’t yet call a writing career. He has the patience of a saint in a cryogenic freezer with all my demands and needing favors, and the exhausting way I’ve been dwelling on the same books for five freaking years. Forcing him to stay on planet Velva Leena, like an earthling hostage, because I keep re-writing and re-writing and re-writing the series with no signs of moving on to a different story. He’s also been an awesome support to Christa and Gina and the rest of the group. However, despite the raving positives about him, my review isn’t going to be 100% pure solid sugar. 

Forgive me, Jo, but the very beginning of the book was a little rough for me. It wasn’t horrible. It wasn’t bad in the least. It was beautifully written, in fact. Just a bit on the scholarly side. I felt like I was sitting in on a class lecture at some university. And there were so many quotes, oh my goodness, and so much mentioning of Shakespeare. There are quotes and Shakespeare name dropping scattered throughout the book, but I swear, the very beginning had the heaviest sprinkling of it, which—I’m sorry to admit—kind of got on my nerves. On a grander scale, I don’t think this is an actual fault about the book. I’m the only blasphemous Cretan in the writing group who never took a liking to quotes or Shakespeare, but that’s a fun little topic for another post. 

The part I thought was a little rough at least did not drag. Once he got into the story about a spiritual experience he had while vacationing in Glastonbury, I loved the book from then on. What an incredible, inspiring story that was. 

This book teaches about the Five Act Structure, which is something every author should know, and the other teachings are not like anything else I’d read in other books about writing and creativity. This is some intense, deep, and trippy stuff, but not in an airy-fairy, Lah Lah Land sort of way. More so in a way that really makes you want to think, and want to open your mind. I already had an open mind before reading this book. Then while reading, It doubled, tripled, quadrupled its vast openness. He also talked about forms of story telling that I didn’t know exist—And I read a little of everything! Aside from the story about what happened in Glastonbury, I loved the other life experiences and personal anecdotes weaved in with his well written wads of creativity knowledge and wisdom. Well, maybe not wads. This book isn’t too bulky. Maybe more like potent Jell-O shots of creativity knowledge and wisdom. SLAM! SWALLOW! Think… 

My only other regretfully honest negative is that I’m just not into Spencer. The essay on Spencer was the one and only part of the book that I skimmed through. 

So my review was solid sugar after all. Maybe solid sugar with some granules knocked loose. Despite my couple of minor criticisms, this book was exceptionally informative, genuinely original, written with life, beauty, and color, and a must-have for every author and aspiring author. I thoroughly enjoyed it. 

So what’s the verdict?… 

Five stars! BOOM!! It’s a firework! 

All you authors and aspiring authors out there, get a copy for yourself and enjoy drinking in those knowledge and wisdom Jell-O shots. Here is the link. 

Love you all! Post you soon! 

🤎💰🍫BONUS POST 2😻Recllessly Throwing Out Another Million Dollar Idea🍫💰🤎

Yup, another bonus post. A Farts or Fireworks book review post will be coming up next. The life I lead may be simple and bland, but there’s still so much to write about. You know how it is, other creative type people. Sometimes, it doesn’t matter how much you try to set goals and put your to-dos into neat and tidy schedules. When a new inspiration comes barging in, you just got to get it out of your system. 

Or maybe I bring this onto myself. This idea came to me while my blood sugar was probably too high from munching out on 1970’s candies. Is this a normal reaction to sugar? Too much sugar never made me hyper or even more energetic. Instead, it always had a kind of hallucinogenic effect on my brain and I get like, overly creative. Does that ever happen to any of you? Are there times when you might’ve had one too many cookies or fun sized candy bars, along with the bits of sugar hidden within normal, everyday foods, which sneakingly adds up—And then your brain goes all blah-blibbity-blah-blah-woo-woo with all kinds of wild and trippy thoughts? There were times during—I guess it would be a sugar high—when I would be singing commercial jingles that don’t exist, to products that don’t exist. Or I’d end up wasting time sitting around, mentally cataloging an imaginary clothing line, or pondering plans for an alcohol-free, but adults only billiard room/sports bar for recovering alcoholics who have a difficult time socializing around people who drink. Not ALL my sugar induced ideas are of the entrepreneurial type, but a good enough percentage of them are to want to throw them out to the public for someone to catch and maybe make the idea happen. Man, I’m still waiting for my magnetic shoe laces to be available in stores. They look like regular shoe laces, but they have tiny but very strong magnets discreetly hidden within the fabric which prevent the laces from coming loose once you tie them. Hello? I put that idea out, back in 2018. Come on, people, get with it. 

Yeah, it may seem awfully dumb to openly welcome anyone to go ahead and take credit for something I came up with, while possibly trashing my opportunity to make lots of money. However, I’m a writer, not a business person. I don’t know shit about how to run a business or start a business, or what is and isn’t financially realistic. People thought my previous million dollar idea I threw out to you all—the Farts and Fireworks book review site—was a good one, but not very realistic, money-wise. I was told that a site like that would need thousands and thousands of Authors subscribing to it, in order for there to be enough money generated for the site to be able to give its paid book reviewers their earned wages. But it was only just an idea, and whoever might be interested in it could change things up and shape it into something more realistic. If I kept my entrepreneurial ideas to myself, just because their mine and nobody but me should be making money off them, then there would be a zero-to-slim chance they would be born into this world. Bringing new ideas from thought to real thing, making and testing prototypes, And investing in advertising to get your product out there takes A LOT of money, which, like business sense, I also don’t have. 

This latest entrepreneurial idea give-away has to do with carob. Yup, as in the infamous alternative to chocolate. I believe being put among the healthier alternative category gave carob a bad rep. It honestly is a really good flavor of candy. It has a lot of sugar and fat, just like conventional candy, even the unsweetened carob. It may say it’s unsweetened on the package, but that doesn’t mean it’s literally sugar free. I think what the manufacturers mean by “unsweetened” is that there’s no added sugar, but the carob still naturally has a sugar content, just like fruit naturally does. It’s put in the healthier alternative category, because it’s naturally caffeine free, unlike chocolate. I don’t have this fact strait, but I believe it might also have a little bit of protein and a tiddly-smidge of fiber. 

Carob may look like chocolate and it has the same texture, but I don’t agree that having these characteristics make it a good substitute for chocolate. It absolutely does not taste anything like chocolate. Flavor-wise, it’s in a whole different realm. I would be surprised if I found out the two are botanically related. 

How would one describe the flavor of carob? Kind of nutty. Maybe with soft notes of caramel and light brown sugar. The unsweetened kind does have a sweetness to it, but it’s a more passive level compared to how sweet most candies are. The sweetened kind, on the other hand, could have an equally assertive level of sugariness. 

Carob is more on the expensive side, but I swear I read that it’s actually plentiful and the candy is not expensive to make. I suspect that it’s at a higher price, because it’s not in high demand, like chocolate. So it’s only partly mass produced, but manufactures have to make money off of it somehow. It can’t compete with chocolate, I believe, because it’s still marketed as an alternative. Saying that it’s an alternative or substitute ingrains it in the human psyche that it’s a good candy to settle for, rather than it being just a good candy in general that one would want to indulge in, whether it’s healthier or not. It really is a good candy with a yummy flavor, and I’d love to see carob become a more common flavor in everyday products. Like carob flavored coffee and coffee creamer. It would be good in ice cream, ready-made cake icing, stout beer, cereal,, pudding, maybe it could even be an ingredient in bar-B-Q sauce, just to name a few examples. So, to help boost the popularity of this no-caffeine, naturally sweet bean, I got an idea for a brand of carob candy bars. Yeah, I believe carob candy bars already exist, but they’re probably in the unappetizing, settle-for, healthy alternative category. 

In my sugar-tripping mind, the candy bar company was called Copy-Cat Carob. The gimmick would be kind of making fun of carob’s reputation as chocolate’s substitute by having a line of spoofed popular candy bars and other chocolate confections in carobized versions. This would be along the lines of making fun of knock-offs of brand name products. The fillings and cookie centers and what-not would be similar, and the names would be laughably knock-offish. The packaging would be similar except for maybe the coloring would be a slightly different shade. Or the color scheme of the label and wrapper would be reversed. Here are some Copy-Cat Carob spoofed candy names I came up with. 

Snickers/ Snookers 

Twix/ Twinx 

Nestlie Crunch/ Nifty Crunch 

Kit Kat/ Chit Chat 

Milkyway/ SilkyWay 

Rollos/ Rockos 

Reeses peanut butter cups/ Righteous peanut butter cups 

Butterfinger/ Butterslinger 

3 Musketeers/ 3 Amigos 

Caramello/ Carobello 

Baby Ruth/ Bobbie Ruth 

100 Grand/ 100 Stacks 

Heath/ Heather 

Raisinettes/ Raisinitas 

M&Ms/ C&Cs 

Mars/ Venus 

Despite the spoofed similar packaging and knock-off names, the top end of each wrapper would have a carob brown stripe and the Copy-Cat Carob logo. So no one would actually mistake the carob versions for the real ones, like people often do with knock-offs. Someone would really have to be shopping while multi-tasking, while not paying attention to what they’re buying, while having a pretty bad vision impairment to mistake a Chit Chat bar for a Kit Kat bar. I pictured the logo being in the middle of the carob brown stripe. Copy-Cat Carob would be written in cartoonish looking, cream colored letters around the top of a white circle, But the circle would be illustrated more like a circular hole or window that the cat mascot is peaking through, with its front paws on the ledge. The cat would be carob brown with cream colored fur around its mouth and chin, and cream colored, fluffy paws. I pictured it with pink inside its ears, a salmon or coral pink nose, and blue or turquoise eyes. A mischievous expression would be on its cutesy face. I don’t know how it is in other countries, when it comes to gender, but my country is going through a phase where people get offended if you point out their gender. It’s not polite to openly refer a man as “he” and a woman as “she”. You say “they”. Being the uncool forty-something, I think this mindset is rather silly. Even so, I pictured this candy being one with the times, and the cat mascot would be non binary. 

I pictured the commercials being goofy, witty parities of present day popular hit songs and spoofed versions of their music videos, but the song lyrics would be themed around whatever Copy-Cat Carob candy is being advertised. Or the commercial would start off as a retromercial for a popular candy bar, from back when almost every commercial had a catchy jingle. Then the old commercial would be cut off to a spoofed version with the jingle in the same melody, but the lyrics would be changed to fit the carob candy version. I pictured the cat itself singing the carobized commercial jingle. The singing to the original commercial would cut off and the new one would slide into view with the singing and dancing cartoon cat, while the jingle music still plays but the old commercial is visually spoofed in the background. I pictured a child actor doing the cat’s voice, but the child would be young enough and have the right pitch of voice to where you couldn’t distinguish their gender just by listening. The child actor would also have to have a cute, nice singing voice and be able to sing on key. I wouldn’t want the copy-cat’s singing to be irritating, or its voice too annoyingly silly and cartoonish. 

So what do you say? Let’s see who can bring this idea to life and make a fortune off it first… 

And will someone please invent my magnetic shoe laces already, dammet. 

Love you all! Post you soon!  

👸🤴BONUS POST 1😯 Cigarettes And Chew Tobacco For Wee Little Tikes🤴👸

What’s crackin’?

Uh, oh, I’m breaking my planned blog post cycle! Nobody cares about this but me, of course, because I’m anal about planning and being a planner. Not anal enough to write down my plans in a bullet journal or in one of those books where you schedule all your daily to-dos and put cute color coded stickers by them. I’m just anal enough to where some people might think I’m a real fry. Nobody’s going to remember what my blog post cycle is anyway, and I probably sound like I’m just jive talkin’. 

So what’s up with the 70’s slang? 

Because I thought it would be fun to give you the skinny on my nifty retro candy box full of candy that was popular in 1979. First of all, Jeeburs creepers! the variety was out of sight! 

Here is what was inside. I don’t remember all the names of the candies, but if you were around during the 70’s the discriptions might ring a bell. The names I do remember will most likely have their spelling botched up. A lot of the candy, surprisingly, was stuff that’s still popular today. 


1. square shaped, black likrish flavored hard candy

2. Cherry Heads 

3. Jaw Busters 

4. Boston Baked Beans 

5. nugget shaped peanut butter-toasted coconut candy

6. a blueberry candy stick 

7. A large stick of lumpy sugar crystals 

8. Ball shaped fruity hard candies 

9. teeny tiny pebbles of bubble gum that came in a little drawstring cloth bag

10. candy ciggeretts

11. Charms fruity hard candies

12. Sixlets

13. edible wax lips 

14. hard candy that was sour lemon on the outside with a sweet lemon core 

15. Red Hots 

16. fruity Tootsie Rolls 

17. candy that looked like Starlight mints, but they were cherry flavored 

18. Atomic FireBalls 

19. Big League bubble gum 

20. candy buttons 

21. Zots 

22. a candy neckless 

23. Smarties 

24. Airheads 

25. Laffy Taffy 

26. Now & Laters 

27. Pixie Sticks 

28. Fun Dip 

29. a Sugar Daddy 

30. Blow Pops 

31. Pop Rocks 

32. Starburst 

33. bubble gum barrels 

34. Skittles 

35. Sour Patch Kids 

36. Gob Stoppers 

37. Life Savers 

38. Sprees 

39. Nerds 

40. A ring Pop 

41. strawberry gel filled strawberry hard candies 

42. butterscotch disks 


I believe I memorized them all. I sure had a groovy time eating such a fun variety of processed sugar and artificial junk. My favorites were the black licorice candy, the peanut butter-toasted coconut, the lemon, the fire balls, the red hots, and the good old, timeless Skittles, Starburst, and Airheads. I wasn’t crazy for any of the bubble gums, but I’m not that into bubble gum altogether. I like minty chewing gum that has long lasting flavor. All the flavoring in these bubblegums wore off after a minute or two. Then it was like chewing a mushy balloon, which was just gross. 

The Ring Pop tasted good, but eating it was pretty gross and unsanitary. This was one of the candies I tried for the first time. So I didn’t know that the cutesy little cherry flavored candy gem stone was set in the middle of a clunky, flat plastic pretend setting that was too big for it. While sucking on the jewel, the flat, plastic part got all sticky with cherry saliva. Then the stickiness got on my ring finger. Bleck

This was the first time I’d ever tried wax lips too. I thought they would taste disgusting, but they were actually not half bad. Kind of fruit punch tasting, but not that sweet. Man, were they chewy. Chew, chew, chew, chew, chew, chew. The stuff doesn’t soften like gum. Instead, it breaks apart in waxy crumbles and then softens after about five-hundred or more chews. I think my mistake was eating the whole lips at once. Maybe you’re supposed to break off little pieces and chew them like gum? I don’t think that big of a wad of wax digests all that completely. At the end of digestion, it felt like crapping out a piece of coral reef.  

It’s funny how the times have changed when it comes to what is and isn’t appropriate for little children. I remember pigging out on those chalky, kind of minty candy cigarettes when I was three or four. It was the early 1980’s and my Uncle Frank and Aunt Joanie were able to buy bulk sized bags of them at a regular grocery store. Sometime after that, candy cigarettes were discontinued, because smoking is bad, and some law decided candy cigarettes set a bad example for children. 

I also remember seeing the commercial for Big League bubble gum when I was around six or seven. The commercial came on during Saturday morning cartoons. I just thought it was sports themed gum, and I wanted some, because the gum was in shreds. I thought that looked weird and cool. It was completely over my first grader head that the gum was in shreds and came in a generous sized pouch, because it imitated chew tobacco. This way, little ones who were baseball fans could pretend that they chew tobacco like baseball players stereotypically did. 

Now-a-days, the idea of candy cigarettes and pretend chew tobacco being targeted towards children would be considered inappropriate and unacceptable. A candy company openly advertising such things during kids’ cartoons would especially be seen as disturbing and amoral, and it would probably cause an angry uproar among millennial parents. 

All and all, this candy box was a far out early birthday gift. (Thank you, me!) Even though I was born in 1979, which was too young to remember any of it, it still was a nostalgic experience. Stuff like Fun Dip, Gob Stoppers, and Sprees were candies I hadn’t had in decades and I’d completely forgotten about them. 

If you’d like to take an edible trip back in time, I’ll do you a solid and give you the link to Vintage Candy Co 

Peace, love, and granola! Post you soon! Later days! 

🐇🐇Traveling Deep Down Into A Rabbit Hole With A Long Lost Love🐇🐇

Hi, everyone! How the (BLEEP) are you? And how was Halloween?—I must throw in.

Oooof, I have not been doing my part with participating in social media, for more than two weeks. That’s no way to keep an author brand growing! At least my author brand is growing. It’s very slow. More like growing like a Hawthorn tree than like a weed, but it’s growing. Good author brand building requires contributing more to others than what you gain. It’s a 1,000% giving and 10% receiving ratio on average. Maybe 10.5% receiving on a good day. I’m not complaining. That’s just how it is. (Yo, back me up fellow authors!) 

Yeah, within the past couple of weeks, I’d put out a few blog posts, but I hadn’t been reading and interacting with others posts, or contributing to the cluster-fuck of writing groups I’m involved with. One excuse for this is plausable. 

I’ve been beta reading for a friend. When I beta read, I examine the story thoroughly, and this friend’s book is an impressive size. When it comes out, I’m betting you this book monster won’t be any slimmer than six hundred pages. 

The situation with my grandma nearing death isn’t a distraction anymore. She surprisingly bounced back. I wouldn’t say she’s doing great. She’s eating, breething, talking, and playing Bingo again, and that’s about as good as it gets at the moment. 

My second excuse has to do with on-line shopping… 

Oh, dear God, here comes the embarrassment… 

I’m forty-two going on forty-three, and… I… justrecentlymademyveryfirstpurchase on Amazon. 

Yes, you read correctly. I just recently made my very first purchase on Amazon. I’d bought Kindle books there dozens of times, because all you have to do is hit the “Buy now with one click” button. No brain required. I’d just never ordered something made of non digital, physical world material that has to be delivered to the house. This was not my very first time EVER with buying products of the solid matter kind on-line. I had bought stuff from coffeeam.com lots of times, but coffeeam.com is a small business. Its website doesn’t expand for lightyears, like Amazon. Amazon is just so massive and the website is so cluttered, and I can’t see what I’m doing. Voiceover technology for the blind has come A LONG way, compared to the robotic, unreliable, glitchy hassle it used to be, twenty years ago. Yet I still find myself not all that bold and confident with interacting with websites I’m not used to, where there’s the risk of getting lost and confused. Or what if I risk swiping the wrong way or selecting the wrong menu item or whatever, and screwing things up. Then I’d have to get my sister, Christa, the most tech savvy one in the family, to help rescue me out of a woeful tech pickle.  

On Monday, October 17th, I officially put on my big girl pants and took a shot at buying my first non-Kindle ebook purchase. It started when I was looking up ideas for what to get people for Christmas. One of the lists Siri gave me was Amazon’s top 100 holiday candy gifts. Okay, that particular list I had her look up, so the family would have a better idea of what to get me. I guess these types of lists are updated regularly, because this top 100 was mostly Halloween goodie gifts. Then I spotted something non-Halloween themed that looked too interesting to pass off. They had boxes of vintage candy. Some had candy varieties from different decades, and others were gifts for someone’s milestone birthday: 40th, 50th, 90th, and so on. I scrolled a little further and saw that this candy company—simply called Vintage Candy CO—also made indavidual numbered birthday gift boxes. I tapped into the link to the Vintage Candy CO site and browsed around. Low and behold, there was a happy 43rd birthday candy box, full of candies that were popular in 1979. I had to get it. But this was all pure processed sugar and artificial ingredients, which was something I strongly doubted any of my health conscious family members would be willing to get me for my up-coming birthday in December. Or if they would, they’d get me the junior sized candy box instead of the large. Then I read that there were only six large sized 43rd birthday vintage candy boxes in stock. That helped me make the decision to face the big, bad, on-line-shopping- unknown. Being that a box of candy wasn’t something I really needed, I figured it would make a good test purchase to see if I could do this without technical complications and without Super Christa having to save the day. 

When the purchase was made and the delivery was set, oh, my God, did I feel as silly as a forty-two-year-old woman who had just discovered that there’s no scary monsters under the bed at night. The process was just about as easy as buying ebooks on Kindle, and actually easier than buying from coffeeam.com. So easy, it was almost anticlimactic. 

Just my luck, there’s an Amazon warehouse near where I live. So my frivolous test purchase, which was supposed to have arrived the following Saturday, arrived the very next day! 

Amazon is great, and it’s so easy to buy stuff from there. (No shit, Sherlock!) Yeah, I, Bia Bella Baker—a true, natural born, life-long citizen of planet Earth—seriously just discovered this. 

After discovering how easy it is to buy things from Amazon, and how quickly things could be delivered to my house, I also made the discovery that you could buy just about anything on Amazon. It was like a mall, a bodega, a souk, and a pharmacy right at my finger tips. This opened up a whole new amazing, fabulous, time wasting world for me! 

Before losing my eyesight, I used to love, love, LLLOOOVVVEEE shopping. Even going to stores just to browse was fun. It didn’t matter if it was a classy boutique or ordinary old Wal-Mart, I could browse for hours. Then when my sight began its slow descend to ocular hell, I lost that joy. I grew to hate shopping with others who love shopping. I hated listening to those around me having a ball browsing among aisles of cool stuff, while I would be left standing by the cart, like a crazy-eyed mannikin. Shopping with my other senses just isn’t the same. Besides, groping and fondling and sniffing everything is kind of icky and creepy. I eventually settled into shopping the boring, practical way. Just going to the store to pick up a few things I needed and going home. Or when someone did the shopping for me, I would stick with the same boring order, so doing me this favor wasn’t someone else’s hassle, or inconvenient self sacrifice. 

At Amazon, my trusty Iphone voiceover was able to read and describe everything I was browsing through, even product images, which was the next best thing to browsing visually, like I used to. I was in awe over how very accessibility user friendly this shopping heaven is. The old joy of shopping came back to me after twenty-one years, like reuniting with a long lost love I’d been pining away over.    

I hadn’t bought anything else since that box of vintage candy, but for days and nights, I could not… stop… browsing. Holy shit, was it addictive! I found the darnedest things too, like macaroni and cheese flavored candy canes and pickle flavored cotton candy. There was a pack of wild game meet jerky that included ostrich, pheasant, and kangaroo jerky. I found snack packs of edible bugs, flavored just like potato chips. The crickets that come in sour cream & onion, salt & vinegar, and cheddar bacon are definitely a future buy. I’d love to try the cucumber flavored soda one day too, and the black pepper spiced prunes. 

I’m all about exploring the exotic and bizarre, but some of the things I came across were a little beyond my limits of being daring, like enchilada flavored soda, and Aztec vanilla flavored beef tallow. Eeeeeeeew. I had to look that one up, wondering what the hell you would do with vanilla cow fat. It turns out beef tallow, like pork lard, is a good baking ingredient that could be used as a substitute for butter. Speaking of insect snack packs, they had a bag of just edible bugs. It was an assorted variety, but there was no flavoring on them or anything. Just a bag of dead bugs. Not all that appetizing, not even for me. Yup, you can buy just about anything on Amazon. 

I was disappointed that camel milk is not made with people on a tight budget in mind. Or maybe it’s because I live in the U S and not Egypt. Fresh camel milk is like, $50 for eight ounces! 

Now I’m out of the Amazon browsing rabbit hole at last! Back to getting on the ball with writing book 3, reading and reciprocating to you guys’ posts, and back to all the other author brand building social media stuff… 

For the time being… 

Rediscovering the blissful joy of browsing and shopping on my own means that I’ll get to Christmas shop on my own too, and pick out people’s gifts myself. Haven’t done that in decades. WOOOOW! Can’t wait. They have dog treats I think my dog nieces might like, flavored with cheese from Himalayan yacks. 

Love you all! Post you soon!—After I get that banana milkshake body lotion that caught my auditory eye, and that orally hygienic, sugar free grape-mint gum.            

🌩🌩THE CONCLUSION🌩🌩… To The Sneak Preview Of My WIP, Exclusively For The Cool People🌩🌩 YOU Saw It First🌩🌩

It’s tomorrow! 

As I promised, here is the conclusion of what I think might be chapter 12 of the third novel in my HECCTROSSIPY series. Chop full of spoilers that I’m betting you won’t remember once these books get released. Or they might not even be spoilers. This is only the rough draft I’m working on. I could change the whole darn thing around, by the time it’s ready to be published. I could deconstruct the story, or do one of those end-to-beginning backwards plot techniques. Who knows, I’ve grown so knit-picky and anal and critical about my own writing since the first two attempts at starting up this series had gotten off to such a spirit-killing start, this entire chapter could end up getting deleted in the end. As for now, here’s more of what I got so far. 


(The conclusion of…) CHAPTER 12: An Unexpected Crises  

“WAKE UP, BEAUTIFUL!” he shouted at the top of his voice, making her jump and knock the covers off the bed. He pounced on her, tickling her and kissing all over her face. “Up you go… Get out of my bed, this instant… time to wake up…” 

Mell May laughed, although his loving greeting had her confused. “I’ll get out of your bed when you stop tickling me.” she said through a fit of giggles. He obliged. She took a deep breath as she sat up and looked directly in his eyes. “Leeandro, please forgive me for what happened last night and   early this morning. I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to be rude.” 

“I think I woke you up from a weird dream, and you’re confused,” he laughed. “I don’t remember you being rude anytime, last night or this morning. My grungol friends loved you.” 

“But I passed out on you when we got home.” she said. 

“When people are tired, they sometimes fall asleep.” He wisecracked. “I’m an insomniac and you’re not, and there’s nothing wrong with that.” 

“Did you not sleep in your bed?” she asked, smiling over how greatly relieved she felt that he wasn’t upset with her, and he wasn’t breaking off their engagement. 

“Yes, I didn’t get in bed with you,” he said. “You were so peacefully knocked out, I didn’t want my climbing into bed waking you up. So I slept on the floor.” 

“You slept on the floor?” she laughed. “You’re crazy.” 

“And you’re smiling,” he held her hand. “And now it’s my turn to apologize, because I hate to be a downer, but Jobeson stopped by a few moments ago, and he told me some really bad news.” Mell May felt her heart jump for joy, now knowing that whatever this bad news was, it had nothing to do with their relationship. “There’s been some crazy, tragic stuff going on in Village 3, and I don’t want you to get beside yourself with worry, since your family is up there.” 

“Would Guardian Jobeson know how my family is doing?” she asked. 

“Village 3 Guardian Mace will be giving me updates about your family via my quirky gift of telepathy.” he reassured. “Entity willing, we’ll be able to fly up there soon and see them.”

“could you read my mind with your telepathy?” she wondered. 

“I wish I could,” he grinned, “I would love to look in on all the sexy fantasies you have about me.” She giggled, giving him a playful slap. “But my gift only reaches certain telepaths. That’s why I say it’s quirky.” 

“So anyway, several kids mysteriously disappeared in your family’s village and disappointingly, it has to do with what’s been going on around the rest of the world. I really hate to say this, Mell, but it looks like the catastrophic changes are catching up to Continent 15…” He told her all about the young people that disappeared during Village 3’s two summer storms. Little Adnick, whose name hadn’t been given to Leeandro Paul, was believed to have been swiped up by a storm wind column. Then during last night’s storm, it was suspected to be a new type of deadly weather phenomenon that had broken through the impenetrable storm shutters and sucked a few kids through their bedroom windows. 

“This was the creepiest thing I’d ever heard,” he said. Mell May nodded in agreement. “I mean nothing could ever get through storm shutters, but whatever these things were had undid every lock and latch, like the summer storm had nimble wind fingers, or something. It was just so weird. It actually looked as though those kids had undid the shutters and unscrewed the windows from their frames themselves and willingly walked out into the storm to end their own lives, but of course, that wouldn’t be possible. Unless the new type of trouble coming to our land is some kind of suicide disease. The youngest who disappeared this way was only two. A baby turning suicidal?” 

Nobody had the least bit of suspicion that the grungols of Under-Village 3 were responsible for the summer storm disappearances. 

“Leeandro, we got to get my family out of there.” said Mell May. 

“And we will,” he said. “Once this rain clears up, I’ll fetch Dox and Sudra, and we’ll fly to Village 3 and bring your family here.” 

“Thank you,” she said, pulling him close and embracing him in a hug. “I hope we could take some of my neighbors and me and Artheena’s friends too.” 

“As many people I could fit in my blimp. Thank the great entity Village 3 isn’t that far of a flight away.” He said. “I had big plans for when we spend the latter half of our engagement in Village 3, but it looks like we might be spending that time down here.” 

“A group of Guardians are coming to the house in a little while. So get some nice clothes on,” He fumbled with her hair. and fix up that beautiful hair of yours. They’ll be discussing what we should do about this strange and unexplainable problem. You should quick eat some breakfast too. I have fruit and bread already set out for you.” 

Despite this new unknown horror that could be a threat to her family’s lives, part of Mell May felt too happy to let her worry bring her down. Leeandro Paul still loved her. 


At the South Section 5,898 house in Village 3 and the South Section 40346 house in Village 16, and at every other vervett household, school, and workplace on Continent 15, groups of Guardians were coming over and leading their vervett villagers through the first Jumellica praising ritual. Every early afternoon—unless the weather was too dangerous—the ritual was to be held. Every midnight, the Guardians were to lead the ritual down in the under-villages. This ritual was one among many ideas that the Guardians had planned out for further empowering the good entity’s strength. They were originally scheduled to start after other Jumellica empowering projects were put into action all over the land. Such as having the entrance door instruments removed from every public building in every village, and replacing them with Jumellica praising quotes painted on the entrance doors. Under-village public buildings, which, due to weaker underground air circulation, don’t have solid doors, would have the same quotes painted above building entrances. More Jumellica based classes were planned to be part of the curriculum in every school. Guardians planned to hand out Jumellica admiration journals to all vervetts and grungols, and they’d even use the journals themselves. Every day—or every night for grungols—the people of Continent 15 would write down their every positive thought and action, and every good thing going on in their lives that they would thank Jumellica for. Such plans were to come about gradually. 

For the past several years, Continent 15 Guardians had been covering up the truth from their villagers, that Jyoseppy was growing more and more powerful. The dark great entity had been bringing its wrath of catastrophic destruction all over the world, gradually taking over, continent by continent. Continent 15 was thought to be one of the few remaining safe places to live on Velva Leena. Even more frightening, there was no explanation to how it was possible for Jyoseppy to keep gaining so much strength and power when a majority of the world admired Jumellica. 

Continent 15 Guardians believed that covering up the truth was the right thing to do, for the sake of their villagers’ well-being. Guardians who had immigrated from troubled continents, visiting foreign Guardians, refugee villagers, and anyone who traveled intercontinentally were all ordered by Continent 15 Guardians to keep quiet about the truth. Bits and pieces of the truth leaked out anyway, but Continent 15 Guardians convinced their villagers that the horror stories of mass death and destruction on other lands were just rumors. They believed that their Jumellica empowerment project would be a powerfully effective defense against the dark creator, and that as long as the truth was hidden, their villagers would have a much easier time staying in a positive frame of mind. Thousands of positive hearts and minds would make the project work its most effectively. So would making the project gradual rather than urgent. Everyone wouldn’t be overwhelmed by too many changes to their land at once, which would allow them to better concentrate on building up the flow of positive energy. The barrier of the good entity’s power over the land would steadily grow in strength, one Jumellica admiring change at a time. Then by the time Jyoseppy would try to bring its chaos to Continent 15, there would be a barrier of Jumellica’s empowered love and protection over the entire land that would be so strong, the dark entity would have no chance at breaking through, and Continent 15 would be spared. While the truth was being covered up and the project would be put into action, the Guardians knew that villagers would have no questions or concerns about the land converting to such an extreme level of Jumellica admiration, because any Jumellica admirer in their right mind would embrace the idea of making the land overabundant with positive energy without needing an explanation why. .    

Now that young vervetts in Group 4 Village 3 went missing from what was believed to be Jyoseppy’s newest deadly weather creation, the Guardians had to change their plans. The project was still on, but there was no use in continuing to try to cover up the truth. 

Leeandro Paul and Mell May didn’t need the group of Guardians that came over to do the ritual to explain the big cover-up. Leeandro Paul had known the truth for almost three seasons, since the Guardians had welcomed him into their social scene and let him become part of the Jumellica Project, after Guardian Jennason had died. Mell May had learned the truth from Guardian Jobeson during her flight to Village 16. If Flander and Sallavax were home, they would’ve needed the Guardians’ explanation, but it wouldn’t have shocked them that much. They piloted intercontinental flights, every now and then, where they’d gone to some of the troubled lands. They never witnessed any of the catastrophes and epidemics themselves, but they’d heard about them from the land’s natives and from fellow piloting teams who flew intercontinentally on a regular basis. 

The Guardians only had to briefly explain to Mell May about the kafka stone boards they had brought over, and how every vervett household in the land would be supplied with these boards for putting in front of the interior side of the windows whenever a summer storm might strike. The boards were an extra barrier of protection in case that same shutter opening weather phenomenon happens in other villages. 

So the very first Jumellica praising ritual at the South Section 40,346 house got off to a quick start. First, the Guardians and the famous couple stood in a circle in the sitting room and joined hands. Like a religious prayer meeting on Earth, the eldest Guardian in the group began praising Jumellica for things that they should all be grateful for, and good fortunes they would hope the good creator to bring upon them all, in the future. Everyone in the circle had to repeat each praise. After a number of praises were said and repeated, it was the second eldest Guardian’s turn to lead the circle. This repetitive praising carried on six times, because there were six Guardians in the group. Deep down, Mell May found this part of the ritual to be awfully boring, but she couldn’t help noticing the positive feeling it conjured up. 

After that, it was time for the fun part. Two of the younger Guardians each took out a musical instrument from a pocket beneath their cape. One had a simple wooden hand-held drum, and the other had a bell. They both began singing a Jumellica praising song in unison as they danced and played their instruments. The other four Guardians and their two villagers were to sing along. This soon became a riotous spectacle of wild and crazy fun. Like an annimated earthling church service, everyone went dancing and clapping all around the house as they sang and shouted praises to Jumellica. During this part of the ritual, Mell May watched Leeandro Paul and the eldest Guardian exchange a split moment of eye contact. The Guardian gave him an ink twig and a book of lyrics to the songs they were singing. Then Leeandro Paul started underlining certain lyrical phrases in the book. Mell May figured he must be highlighting the lyrics he thought were the most inspiring, so he could memorize them for further praising. She admired her fiancee for how diligently devoted to the cause he was, and mentally vowed to the good entity that she would try her best to be as devoutly supportive as him, no matter how tiring it might get. 


Those poor, ignorrent, Velva Leenans. They don’t know what the hell is really going on and what they are actually up against. Especially not sweet little fifteen-year-old Mell May. So naïve and impressionable, like humans her age. 

So there you have it, folks. If you’re a YA fan or a sci fi and fantasy fan, I hope these two tag-free, sneak preview hidden gems I leaked out have allured your book fancy. My series will be coming out—God willing and Jumellica willing—by the summer of 2023. Have a wonderful, brilliant week everyone, and stay positive—What am I talking about? This is Earth! Staying all wonderful and brilliant and positive isn’t us earthlings’ forte. Have a decent week everyone and stay okay! 

Love you all! Post you soon! 

💫Another Sneak Preview Of My WIP, Exclusively For The Cool People💫 YOU Saw It First💫

I may be playing with fire here… 

Or not… 

Hello, my dear and loving audience. 

Man, I’ve been meaning to get around to writing another new and original story for my Velva Leena Chronicals blog series. I’ve been meaning to start it up again last weekend, in fact, but my brain just couldn’t get in the write concentration mode. Within the past couple of weeks, theirs been two deaths in the family and another about to happen soon. My grandma’s ninety-year-old body wants to quit. There’s a signalling malfunction between her brain and her pancreus, which has made her pancreus go haywire, and her blood sugar keeps wanting to drop threateningly low. How long does she have? Days? Weeks? I would be surprised if she could make it to Christmas. So anyway, with my thoughts on life and death and the spirit world and the temporariness of everything, it’s a bit of a distraction when I intended to focus on coming out with fresh new stories. However, not wanting to break my precious darling blog posting cycle—(something hecctrossipy related, something about life, a Farts Or Fireworks book review, all with reblogs of other’s posts in between)—here’s another excerpt from my WIP of my third novel in the series, HECCTROSSIPY book 3 The Legend of the Land Lives Again. I’m giving you a whole chapter!—But not all in one post, of course. 

I may be playing with book marketing fire by revealing this chapter to the public, because it might contain possible spoilers for things that happened in the not-yet-released books 1 and 2. Or maybe this is not such a stupid risk I’m taking. It’s not like I have thousands and thousands of people reading my posts religiously. So I wouldn’t worry about this being a self sabitage to my own future book sales. Then for those who are interested in reading my series, but then read these sneak preview posts anyway, the possible spoilers won’t spoil your interest. Trust me. Even if they might actually be spoilers, by the time the first two books get published, you won’t remember exactly which details had possibly been given away. Between book 1 needing one more proof read, book 2 needing another round of editing plus a proof read, and the fact that I should make way for my editor friend’s own five or six month long marketing stretch for his rapid released sci-fi and fantasy series, I’m hoping I could get books 1 and 2 out by this summer. So, yeah, you won’t remember. 

Put it this way, you guys are the cool people, and the cool people get access to exclusively leeked book 3 previews. Then you’ll be in the know about things before everybody else. So here is the first excerpt from a chapter in my rough draft for HECCTROSSIPY 3… 


CHAPTER 12: An Unexpected Crises 

In Village 3, the South Section 5,898 family was recovering from the shock over how Olzinbeth of South Section 5,799 had carelessly ended her own life. Her kid uncle, Adnick, was prezumed dead too. He was one among a few other young vervetts who had mysteriously disappeared during the two summer storms that struck the village, between the previous morning and last night. Artheena was also mourning the loss of many animal friends who had been killed by the storms. While Mell May’s family was getting through these tragities, life in Village 16 wasn’t all sunshine and candied flowers either. Not for Mell May.

Mell May woke up early in the afternoon. She and Leeandro Paul had hung out with his grungol friends in Under-Village 16’s East Section until it was almost morning. Thinking back on their night out made her want to kick herself. She was tired and hadn’t wanted to be out, and it showed. 

When they all went to a game room that had carnival type games. Her tiredness made her really stink at the games and get embarrassingly clutsy. Leeandro Paul’s grungol friends made light of the situation by making corny wisecrack comments about her eunique playing strategies. Mell May’s tiredness made her not in the mood to be poked fun at, and she got rude and snippy towards them. To her further embarrassment, Leeandro Paul apologized to his friends for her and made up an excuse for her behavior. “Don’t mind Mell. My girl is a natural winner, and she’s not used to losing at anything.” He had said. Of course, he meant this as a compliment, but it made her look like a bratty prima donna, which wouldn’t look good for a future role model Jumellica admirer. Then when they were all having tea at a cafe, her tired brain just couldn’t keep up with the conversations, and she kept spacing out and being unaware of when someone was talking to her. It was embarrassing to have Leeandro Paul and his friends constantly snapping her out of a trance. “She’s not being rude. She has a lot on her mind. We had a lot going on lately, as you may know.” was Leeandro Paul’s excuse. After tea, they all hung out at an underground park, which was the most boring part of the night for her. No grungol children were out playing, and no sports were taking place, so Mell May had nothing to watch to keep her weary mind stimulated. They sat on park benches, surrounded by nothing but trees and shrubs and blaring, silver-white streetlights. Some of Leeandro Paul’s grungol friends were musicians like him. So he and the grungols talked on and on about the newest instrument models and their different mechanics and sound adjustments, which Mell May had no interest in. Or they talked about people Mell May didn’t know, and these people’s families. She was so miserably bored, the grungols sitting nearest to her caught her frowning. When they asked why, she couldn’t think up an excuse to explain herself. “Are you bored, my love? You want us all to do something else?” Leeandro Paul had asked. She insisted she wasn’t bored at all. She didn’t want to speak up and tell the truth. After he probably made her look like a spoiled brat at the game room, she didn’t want to make it seem like she truly was by making everyone feel obligated to leave the park and do whatever she preferred.     

When they got home, he wanted to make love to her. They got as far as kissing and taking off their clothes, but then once she laid down on his bed, she passed out on him. Mell May felt awful about this, especially when she woke up alone and still lying naked in the exact same spot on his bed where she’d  fallen asleep. Did her passing out offend him? Had she wore on his patience, last night, when he kept having to make excuses for her, and was he now getting fed up with her? Did he sleep in another bed? During the three nights and two days they’d been together, he had been the sweetest guy in the world to her. No other guy had lavished her with love and special treatment, like Leeandro Paul. Not even her own Dad. Still, Mell May couldn’t shake off the intimidating idea that being one half of a famous couple who was working with the Guardians on Continent 15’s most important mission meant that she had high expectations put on her. She hoped that her third day as a celebrity won’t be as mentally and physically exhausting as the day before. As though Jyoseppy was answering to her anxt, the instant she had this hope, it started raining. Mell May couldn’t help fearing that this might be a bad sign. 

She heard the front door slam. Then a burst of laughter echoed from another part of the house, most likely the sitting room. It was Leeandro Paul’s laugh and some other guy. Mell May’s spirits slumped. Did he have fans come over? She lingered in bed, contemplating staying there until whoever it was would hopefully leave. But after a while, she couldn’t resist being curious of who was there. Maybe Leeandro Paul’s parents were home from their flight, and it was only his Dad laughing with him. However, just in case it was a pesky fan, she got out of bed and crept out of the room as silently as possible. She was an expert at creeping around, after hers and Artheena’s countless nights of sneaking out of the house when their parents were asleep. 

Leeandro Paul and the other man’s voices carried through the house’s stone interior from the sitting room. The other man was Guardian Jobeson, and they were no longer laughing. The tone of their conversation now sounded serious. 

“I never would’ve expected things to go this badly,” said Leeandro Paul, with a sigh. “And I had big plans for me and her.” 

“I’m as disappointed as you are,” said Jobeson, “I feel awful about this.” 

Mell May’s heart began to race. Leeandro Paul was having second thoughts about marrying her. After all his elaborate efforts to make her his, had she turned out a huge disappointment? She came to the conclusion that he was making excuses for her behavior, last night, as a polite way of putting on a positive front for the fans, while they were on public ground. All while on the inside, he was probably thinking that his chosen contest winner was a dud.  

“Mell May is going to be beside herself when I tell her,” said Leeandro Paul, “Thank the great entity that Village 3 isn’t too far away.” 

Mell May felt her racing heart sink through the stone floor. It was true. He was disappointed in her, and he was going to break off their engagement and send her back home. She hurried back into the bedroom and buried herself beneath his bedclothes. Leeandro Paul was right. She was beside herself. Tears poured, like the rain outside, into his cologne and autumn air scented pillow as she held back her sobs. She didn’t want them to hear her cry, figuring that letting them think she was still sleeping would stall having to hear Leeandro Paul break the heart crushing news to her himself. She couldn’t believe the dream was over already. Despite how unhappy she was, yesterday, she still loved him more than anything in the world and dreaded having to go back to Village 3 so soon. Back to being mediocre Mell May. 

The front door slammed again, followed by the sound of Leeandro Paul’s brisk footsteps coming towards the bedroom. She quickly wiped her nose and wiped away her tears with the back of her hand and held still, before the bedroom door gently opened and he quietly came in. He thought she was still asleep. There was an unsettling pause, like he was contemplating what to say when he woke her up. Her heart raced again when she heard him take a deep breath, about to speak. 


I’ll leave it off at a cliff hanger, because I’m a stinker like that. I hope you enjoyed reading, and I hope that when book 1 gets republished—MONTHS from now—along with book 2’s shining debut, you won’t remember the possible spoilers that this sneak preview might’ve given away. 

Love you all! Post you tomorrow! Stay tuned for the other half of this chapter from my latest WIP… 

Why You Should Keep Everything You Write And Never Delete Your Drafts – Self-Publishing Advice

Derek Haines from Self-Publishing News outlines all the reasons you should keep everything you write and never delete your drafts.

Why You Should Keep Everything You Write And Never Delete Your Drafts – Self-Publishing Advice